a short stay in london.

Monday, August 25, 2014

clock tower london

as beautiful as it was, i admit london was a bit tarnished by a lost luggage fiasco that kept us in our hotel room on hold for what felt like the majority of our stay. that being said, we hit the high points like true tourists before catching the eurostar to paris the following evening. 

london queen's guard

we stayed at the brown's hotel, located in the heart of mayfair, best known for high-end shopping and the famous savile row. there are not enough kind words to say about the brown's hotel, from the courteous staff to the meticulously clean (and gorgeous) rooms. 

the brown's hotel

i admit i didn't realize how spread out london really is, and given our short time frame we didn't get a chance to truly explore all the nooks and crannies. so with that, cue the highlight reel!

mayfair london

palace of westminster….

palace of westminster
palace of westminster

the london eye…

london eye

borough market…

borough market london

i would compare borough market to a classier version of smorgasburg. tons of great food choices in a beautiful location.  

borough market london

we went around lunchtime and opted for traditional fish and chips at fish!, and then sauntered around the rest of the market for fresh fruit and the most amazing green olives i've ever tried. 

borough market london
borough market london
borough market london
borough market london

buckingham palace… check.

buckingham palace london
green park london
buckingham palace london
buckingham palace london

we stopped in ottolenghi in notting hill for lunch day two and walked away with fresh tomato basil flatbread and blackcurrant mini meringues. 

ottolenghi london

after lunch we strolled around notting hill a bit more and explored the cute shops tucked away amongst gorgeous town homes-- toast being a personal favorite.

toast notting hill
notting hill london

hope to see you again soon, london!

ps: my friend kayla took some amazing photos of her recent trip to london as well.

photo of the brown's hotel by jane anderson. ottolenghi photo by keiko oikawa.

children, furry and human.

Monday, August 11, 2014

the daily muse

i snuck in the bedroom the other day and took some photos of this guy snoozing away, the late afternoon light hitting his face just so. ed and i will celebrate six years of marriage this coming october, and the inevitable question (you know the one) has been creeping in for the past couple of years. i remember this mom i met a few years back who assured me that the second i hit thirty my uterus would start speaking to me. as if thirty was a magic number to wake up and say-- babies, babies, babies! she was partially right, and i did turn thirty this year, but my mind set still isn't necessarily baby-centric.

the daily muse

that's normal, right? rather, who's to define normal? either way, when asked when we plan to have children my response is always the same-- oh, we have a furry child at home. he's pretty cool.

potty trained too.

pack your lunch.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

avocado on toast

i'm in a food rut. rather, i'm in a pack your lunch rut. i bring my lunch to work every day in an effort to save cash, eat healthy, get pats on the back. but seriously, the lack of quick lunch options in midtown (sans meat) is lacking-- pizza, falafel, pizza, falafel. hence the bringing of the lunch. oh wait, dishes! dishes is pretty good.

i've made a habit of stocking the office fridge on monday with food for the week so i'm not schlepping tupperware containers to and fro every day. this method leaves me eating the same thing every day until i run out, usually around thursday.

pita and hummus
pita and hummus

avocado and tomatoes on toast is my go-to dinner when ed is working late or out of town. someone needs to come up with a lunch spot that only makes fresh avocado toast to-go. i'd give them all my money and leave the lunch box at home.

pack your lunch ideas? hit me.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

hamptons beach house

ed and i escaped to amagansett a few weeks ago (just like last year) to stretch our country legs and get knocked down by pre-hurricane waves. ok, mostly just myself and small children were taken down by the waves but just go with it.


we shared a beach house with friends complete with cool breezes, an outdoor shower, and a sandy path leading directly to the beach.


the food scene in the hamptons is ever changing (and mostly fantastic) but i'm certain that grilling fresh fish in the backyard and beach picnics surpass all restaurant establishments. 

townline bbq

that being said, a few standing favorites include ruschmeyer's in montauk (it's a young crowd but the food is so fresh), coffee and muffins at jack'stownline BBQ, and ice cream from scoop du jour in east hampton.


in the afternoon we'd warm up from the icy cold water and drive into east hampton for coffee and window shopping.

ruschmeyer's in montauk

and real-estate snooping! admiring gorgeous hamptons homes from afar is half the fun.

(instagram @beccabaust)


Monday, June 23, 2014


the majority of june has been spent working and staying outside until the last second of daylight. night walks for strawberry banana pinkberry are in full force. also meandering through the park with this guy, freshly shaved with a summer cut.

the daily muse
rooftops nyc

the view out our office window, just before a summer downpour.

midtown manhattan

cold brew coffee on the regular… 

cold brew coffee

and trips to smorgasburg for lunch and gigantic ice cream sandwiches.

the good batch ice cream sandwiches

 albeit a brief update, but hey, it's summer-- get off the internet and go outside!

 ps: speaking of summer cuts, a few tips on going short and growing it out.

(instagram @beccabaust)

the best ice cream sandwiches in nyc.

Monday, June 2, 2014

the best ice cream sandwiches in the city

our after dinner walk led us to magnolia's bakery this past weekend (as it often does) and i'm here to tell ya'-- forget the cupcakes! ice cream sandwiches are where it's at. try the lemon bar or the blondie.

i have yet to get my hands on the sandwiches from melt bakery (pictured above), though for now i'm sticking with coolhaus as a personal favorite. see the full list here.

photo by kymberlee fajardo.

strawberry pickin' in virginia.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

strawberry picking virginia

we kicked off summer over the long weekend by pickin' strawberries and grilling burgers on the rooftop. fresh strawberries go funky in a second so i've been happily inhaling them for every meal. this recipe is on the menu as well.

strawberry picking virginia

caught red-handed eating more than i picked. who doesn't?

hey, so you think you can dance this week! get on it. 

ps: strawberry pickin' last year too.