spring necessities.

Monday, February 1, 2010

a few items have made my wish list for spring. though i realize it won't be warm until at least may. i try so hard to branch out from jcrew. yet i always come running back to my old faithful friend. jcrew... i love you.

i have become acquainted with winters in new york. by mid january, my winter uniform is in full swing.... uggs, brown cords, and a turtleneck sweater. i rotate sweaters daily. sexy.

i used to wear skirts and tights mid-february. mainly because i would jump in the prius to drive from point A to point B with the heat on high. now the only thing taking me from point A to point B are my legs. (with the help of the bus, subway, and occasional taxi).

it's nice to see others on the street who have "given in" to the winter uniform as well. i give them the head nod and carry on.

i will welcome fashion back in the spring. until then...


TWelch said...

LOVE the dress and LOVE J.Crew! I pity you having to endure such horrible winters... and to think that I feel sorry for myself for having to go through LEXINGTON winters... psshhh. You'd probably be wearing shorts already... ;)

Andrew and Elizabeth Harwell said...

come visit me. you can wear shorts.

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