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Thursday, March 18, 2010

benjamin moore stonington grey

benjamin moore edgecomb grey

dear friends, i need your help.  we have chosen paint colors for our new apartment but i am clueless as to what finish to choose. eggshell? flat? semi-gloss?  

stonington grey is for the bedroom (little natural light).  

edgecomb grey is for the living/dining room (lots of natural light).  

i understand that flat paint hides wall imperfections but is hard to wipe smudges off.  eggshell has a slight sheen and is easy to clean.  i'm not a fan of the walls being "shiny."  but i don't the walls to be smudgy either?

if anyone is (actually) reading this blog.  please offer your advice!


Andrew and Elizabeth Harwell said...

don't do flat. we have stains all over our walls and have to do touch ups all the time. it's not worth it. i would say go with egg shell. i wish we would have forked over more dough and done so! we were pinching pennies... but now i think we should have pinched elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Use eggshell, semi or gloss only for kitchen

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