thanks cole haan.

Monday, July 12, 2010

is anyone else a fan of cole haan shoes? they are always super comfy, preppy, and just stylish enough to still look good next year. found these babies on sale this weekend at columbus circle. cute no?


Silver Strands said...

Yup - super cute! looks like I could actually walk in those ones :)

jane said...

so cute* great color combo and super walkable. perfect for summer in the city! xx, Jane

heidi adnum said...

My friend introduced me to his shoes, but I don't own any yet. How are they?

rebecca said...

thanks for stopping by. a lot of the cole haan heels have nike air in the soles or something like that? though i don't own any heels from there. i have been very happy with the purchases i have made... and comfort is key as i do a lot of walking all day.

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