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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

why do some people look so good on a bike? besides going sans helmet, of course. (not smart!)

my bike is best used for long weekend rides with the hubs. i'm always wearing some sort of workout gear and sneakers while i get passed in the bike lane by a couple who fell out of the jcrew catalog.

though i'm pretty sure i'm getting a better workout since i'm totally dressed for the part. right?  :)

ps: how is she riding in flip flops? really?

photo (and cool article) via the new york times.


Indie.Tea said...

Haha, I can't even ride a bike (never learned how). But that girl does look really nice on her bike. Dont get the flip flops either...but then I dont wear flip flops so I dont get in a general sense.

cb said...

were there is a will there's is a way! anyone can look cute while riding a bike! i ride my bike all the time and i believe in riding in style and post about it every wednesday but we also do the long bike rides too but don't wear the cute stuff...just my spandex and bike shirt.

oh i love riding my bike oh so much!!!


asiajane said...

I agree! Helmets are a must! I wish there were more photos of adorable bikers with helmets planted firmly on their heads...

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