nyc ballet, the nutcracker.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ed are i are headed to lincoln center thursday night to see the nutcracker. i'm looking forward to getting dressed up and enjoying a christmasy evening with the hubs. those sugarplum fairies better bring it.

ps: i will be wearing this, and using these. (last minute cheap seats, hello!)

ps again: to purchase tickets, we were informed to go to you don't think the nyc ballet could have come up with a better ticket site than NUT TICKETS?

photo via sighs and whispers.


Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh I love the Nutcracker! Have a wonderful time,sweetie and that J.Crew dress is beautiful:)
hugs and kisses

Rob and Jen said...

Jealous!! Have a wonderful evening, and I LOVE the J.Crew dress. You will look awesome, and the binoculars are pretty stellar too. miss you guys.

Reagan said...

have fun at the ballet! my client paul plays the flute in the ballet and every once in a while he hooks me up with free tix. i love the ballet, and i love that i love it. it makes me feel ultra girlie.

Samantha said...

Oh how I am so jealous of this. To see the Nutcracker in NYC, what a dream of mine. Maybe one day.

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