womb chair on the way.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

last year the hubs and i started the tradition of literally NOT getting each other anything for christmas. instead, we make 1 large purchase together. christmas 2009 we needed a new laptop. christmas 2010........ (drum roll)...... knoll womb chair!!!

i know it sounds super sad to not open a hand-picked gift from your loving spouse, but we got over it.

i can't wait to meet her in 12-14 weeks!!

ps: we quickly agreed on this fabric.

pic via apartment therapy.


abigail said...

GREAT gift! I love the idea of getting one big gift for the two of you, especially if the gifts are this nice!

13bees said...

such a great idea...enjoy it!!

Jen G said...

we do the same and it's not sad at all. big purchase, less guilt. there are plenty of other opportunities for inidividual gifts. are you still keeping this tradition? discovered your blog this weekend. sam wiggins is da bomb.

Jen G said...
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