my dog is famous.

Friday, January 14, 2011

remember this? i know you've been waiting on the edge of your seats.

he made the cover! we are proud parents. not to mention, sam's been walking around the house with an ego.

i hope you have a warm and cozy weekend. we have family coming to stay with us today, and there are lots of fun new yorkey things planned. that is, if you can coax me outside of the house. see you guys on monday!!!!

all pics for the magazine taken by toto photo (they are awesome).


AbbieBabble said...

Oh me oh my, he's adorable! I love the one with the doggy raincoat.

Have a wonderful weekend- enjoy those New Yorkey things!

Julie-Inspired said...

Oh my...what a beauty he is! So photogenic!!

jillian m. said...

TOO cute!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

OMG he is super cute! congrats on him becoming famous, he looks like he loved his shoot!

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Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Diana Mieczan said...

OMG that is fantastic...Congrats and he looks adorable:) awwwww
Have a great weekend,sweetie

Becca said...

whoa, your doggy is such a rockstar!
look at him, posing like that!

Bog-Bog said...

Oh, so sweet dog!

Brandi said...

He's the cutest! And I love how playful he looks in these photos. You must be one really proud mama.

La Franglaise said...

wow, super duper! You must be so proud and happy. Congrats to your rockstar doggie!

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