napping on the job.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ed brought home his work laptop this weekend in an attempt to finish some business.

sam wiggins thought it would make a nice pillow instead.


Diana Mieczan said...

Hahahah...Your dog is the sweetest!! My Monty does the same thing....haha.
Have a lovely day, darling

Ps: I am hosting a beautiful Garnish party supplies GIVEAWAY later today :) Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

AbbieBabble said...

This is too cute. Sometimes I think a laptop would make a mighty fine pillow, too.

Signe said...

Hihi, soooo darn CUTE!

abigail said...

So cute.
Ollie likes to sit on my lap when I'm working, I think they just like feel included.

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