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Monday, January 24, 2011

how was your weekend guys? since the high was a frigid 20 degrees* yesterday, we pretty much stayed inside......and i get all antsy/grumpy when i can't be in constant motion.

we cooked lots of good food, read a lot of magazines, and watched some crappy TV.

i remember summer days when we used to not come back to the apartment until dark. memories....

*i realize temps in the single digits seem like nothing to some of you (er, alaskans?). but i'm freaking cold. get over it.


Diana Mieczan said...

That is exactly what we did too...Its so cold that the only time Im willing to go out is when Im taking my dogs for their walks..hahah
Hugs and kisses, sweetie
Happy cozy Monday

Krystal said...

Puppy love!!! more pictures of puppy please!!

Kristin said...

Whew! That is awfully chilly...but perfect cozy cuddling weather!

naomi said...

i just left new york and i could not stand the cold! i stayed home all day too. your dog is adorable!

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