look how cute this girl is on her bike.

Friday, February 18, 2011

thanks for letting me get all serious with you guys yesterday. i could get used to doing more posts about life in general. sometimes you just need to stop talking about what you're cooking for dinner or those shoes you are lusting after, and get right down to it. cause i gotta be honest, sometimes i just can't look at another "look how cute this girl is on her bike" post. agreed? moving on....

i get to spend 3 whole days (thanks presidents) with those 2 sexy beasts on the couch. ed gets super excited when i post pics of him with bed head and workout gear on.

3 day weekend to-do list:
-finish filing our taxes (suckfest).
-book our summer get-a-way!*
-sam wigs is getting his hair did.
-pick up some necessities at sur la.
-yoga class.

*thanks again for your vacation tips. i'll let you know what we decide on!


ola appletea said...

:) loving this post :) I should also do the to-do-list but I want to rest so much.... I will forget about the list this time :)

Lily said...

This photo is adorable! Have a very happy weekend! :)


Diana Mieczan said...

hahah..that is such a sweet photo! Yoga class sounds nice. Have a relaxing weekend, darling

Krystal said...

i want to snuggle with your dog, can i borrow him??? he looks therapeutic. i'm serious (don't tell bama i'm saying this)

la petite coquine said...

If I liked people on a scale, your number would have gone up about 3,000,000 points after that cute girl on a bike quip.

Enjoy the weekend!

Krystal said...

p.s. i would like to ban posts on cupcakes, they are hideous.

Krystal said...

(i mean, the cupcakes aren't hideous, they are quite good, but the posts are)

Signe said...

Your little family is the cutest! And enjoy your weekend :)

About Last Weekend said...

Love this post and the last - keeping it real... Good luck with the results and have a brilliant weekend!

jenny said...

oh that is the stinkin cutest picture!!!! you are so right about posting about "life".

naomi said...

have a great weekend! find a good summer get-away!

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