refusing to get old.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

my college graduation present to myself was lasik eye surgery. it rocked, and i am no longer blind.

lately, i've been having trouble seeing things up close. also known as, i'm getting older. i went for an eye exam at least 6 months ago and came out 30 minutes later with a Rx. since then, i have procrastinated on actually picking out frames since this would clearly be proof to the world that i'm getting older.

alas, it's time to freaking pick out some glasses. ed snapped this pic on his phone because i really like the frames. though i think i would much rather get these or these. either way, i'm gonna get old with style.

ps: all i had was a camera phone! sorry for the poopy pic.


Mo Pie, Please said...

I've been contemplating lasik for awhile now but I don't know what's stopping me other than the cost. I think I've just accepted that I'm vision-impaired and it's my curse? I don't know. Can you tell me about it? My Rx is -9.0, so i look like the biggest dork with my glasses on! It would really change my life, I can't even imagine!

You look great in those frames! Next time I buy glasses, I'm going to Warby Parker for sure!

JenLynn said...

They all look good. Although I'm somehow drawn to the unexpected look of the clear frames. You should definately do Warby Parker's in-home trial.

Diana Mieczan said...

Im wearing glasses for the past few years as Im afraid of lasik eye surgery. I really am:)
Those frames look great on you, sweetie

la petite coquine said...

What terrific frames! I have been so tempted to get Lasik, but the idea of losing out on cute glasses (at least for a little while) makes me so sad!

rebecca said...

meagan, lena, diana-

DO THE SURGERY. there is nothing more i can say. i had it done so long ago and it's even more advanced now.

YES, you have to be awake. but they gave me a pill (don't remember what?) that makes you not really care what the freak is going on. otherwise, no one would do the surgery! haha.

but i sat up immediately afterwards with tears in my eyes because i could see. it was indescribable.

enough mushiness. get the surgery.

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