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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

thanks for the great discussion and comments the past few days. i have never wanted the blog to be a "see how many comments i can rack up" type of thing. it's not a contest. so when i read comments that evoke actual discussion, honesty, encouragement, and empathy... well, i couldn't be more happy. that's exactly what i want from the blog.

i enjoy our conversations. let's keep meeting this way.

i started the blog as a place to vomit my design ideas when we moved from our teensy studio to our now teensy 1 bedroom. since then, i've unintentionally transitioned the blog into more of a personal space to document our lives.

somehow, "look how cute this outfit is" isn't as fulfilling as it once was. though i love blogs with this sort of mantra, and check them every day. it's also not to say that i won't continue to do fashion/design type posts. i need some sort of creative outlet!

i have also thought about not posting as frequently, maybe every other day. i never want to get to a point where i'm posting something, just to post it for the day. i could throw etsy finds and marc jacobs spring line at you all day, but if it doesn't inspire me, i don't feel the need to share it with you. the same is true for my photos.

i knew my perfectionism would rear its ugly head on the blog 1 day.


About Last Weekend said...

Yes I like this post too. It's fun to see what stirs people to make comments, sometimes surprising. It's good to take another look at what you want to do in your blogtoo, I think... I decided to post three days a week which is doable for me. I like the picture of of street art, the flower looks surreal against the road.

rebecca said...

jody- 3 days a week sounds like a good number. i may even continue to post every day anyway. but if not, that's ok too.

Jennifurla said...

I have yet to find my exact bloggy path either...I do now only post 3 times per week, quality!

Vanessa said...

I run so hot and cold with my blog, but I've decided to do just as you have: post when it feels right. Too many people put unnecessary pressure on themselves when it comes to posting and it ruins the whole experience! Blogs should be fun, not stressful.

la petite coquine said...

It took me a LONG time to find my blogging grove, and it can be really hard to find inspiration, especially when it feels like everyone's bloggin' about the same things you are.

For me, I like to put whole weeks together when I'm feeling inspired and excited. The posts during the workdays reflect and coordinate with the big wedding feature on Sunday, and I feel like I'm produce my own, exciting content. It's kind of a like a week-long inspiration board. And I've been known to do anywhere from 3 to 8 of those suckers at a time, so I can just blog away and then enjoy it!

Whatever you decide to do, let it come from what you're really excited about. Nothing feels worse than churning out a post 'cause you're worried you'll disappoint if you don't.

la petite coquine said...

*producing. Ah, tenses. Even English has them!

rebecca said...

good advice lena.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I think you need to do what's right for you, Rebecca. This blog is yours more than anyone else's and you always need to write and share when you want to. I've always felt that blogging is not about the comments or the followers; it's about the connections. Be yourself and those will keep happening.

stephanie said...

I love how you have your own rules and goals for this blog. Keep it up! I love the picture btw. Where was it taken?

rebecca said...

it was a little street vendor on 5th ave close to rock center.

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