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Friday, December 9, 2011

sam wiggins is ready for the holidays thanks to his cheesy christmas collar
santa claus can bring me grown out bangs
whole foods has pre-made christmas tree sugar cookies
we've been having too much fun icing (and mostly eating) them
i'm not sending out holiday cards this year
you know you read those cards and then politely toss them in the recycle afterwards
so i'm pretty much saving the planet
do you ever tell the (restaurant) cashier you're just getting water at the soda fountain.....
and then you fill your cup with diet coke?
yeah, me neither
do we still call it a soda fountain?
i got clotheslined by a tourist couple at rock center last weekend
you can't unlock your hands so i can walk through?
more importantly, why did i agree to be in rock center this time of year?
fage yogurt and granola.....


Kyla said...

I'm also wishing Santa would bring me grown-out bangs! ^^ Sam looks adorable in his Christmas collar, too.

Naurnie said...

1) I would also like grown out bangs for Christmas.
2) I actually save the cards so I can remember who sent me one. I pack them away w/ our Christmas decorations so I can add appropriate people to our Christmas Card List.
3) Yes. It's a soda fountain.
4) Never go to midtown at Christmas. Never.


Turbo said...

I love the bangs comment. Hahahaha. It is finally feeling like winter, no? Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Harwell said...

i'm having a hard time thinking about wilson's picture in your recycling bin. pretty sure he needs to be framed by your bedside.

Kim said...

Love this list . . . my mom is coming next weekend (the weekend before Christmas) and wants to go to Pier 39. Ugh, ugh, ugh! There are going to be a bazillion tourists and I'll probably lose my will to live. Not sending out holiday cards, either. Have a great weekend!

Erin said...

fage yogurt and grown-out bangs are pretty much on my mind all the time these days. is sam wiggans still boycotting the christmas tree?

rebecca said...

wiggins is a hater.

wilson will go above the fireplace. prime wall space.

Jesse said...

i have yet to send holidaze cards ever, i just can't gather the energy. especially after i read some asshat's holiday brag letter. makes me want to vom.
p.s. sam looks v. cute in his festive collar.

The Egg said...

you make me laugh.
that is all.

Johanna said...

I love Sam Wiggins and his handsome profile.

Felicity said...

Madonna would be proud SW - Vogue, vogue, vogue.....or should that be dogue, dogue, dogue?

Happy weekend to all in your home.

rebecca said...

i need to bring back the word asshat. thank u.

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Oh my goodness... he is the cutest thing ever!!

la petite coquine said...

Sam looks so smart.

Never send Xmas cards; lets call it "Saving the Planet" and not, "I'm terribly lazy and never update my address book."

I say yay to "soda fountain"–sounds like a Norman Rockwell diner.

KBaust said...

Your nephews will miss their card from you and Uncle Edward. They open each card with such excitement, it is like Christmas every day for them. I hope our Christmas card will not be the first one tossed!

Vicky said...

So cuuuute!

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Elle Sees said...

i've sent out zero cards this year too!! i feel sorta badly, but sorta relieved. Enter my STYLEMINT giveaway for 5 free shirts! Create profile to enter.

Krystal said...

haha you got clotheslined, that is awesome! sorry i'm mean like that - it sounds funny though :)

Jo said...

New to your blog.
Just read some previous posts.
You are blunt and sarcastic.
Ummm... I adore you.

I haven't done Christmas cards in a couple of years.
Now you've given me a reason that sounds really good.
Plus, I kind of buy it...saving the planet.
I'll be borrowing that.

Lottie said...

Sam Wiggins is so adorable!

I always do Christmas cards and have a small stack waiting to be sent but don't have any stamps...this is why I am always left with a pile that failed to be sent every new year.

kitchu said...

why don't we call it a soda fountain? i like that. i miss that.

liza said...

I needed a laugh... so thank you for being clotheslined and writing about it. I'm sure you weren't laughing. I apologize. But your writing is very funny!

Franka said...

Cute SAM!

My dog is called Luca!

♥ Franka

Lauren said...

I loved this list. Growing out bangs are THE WORST. The worst. My method for Christmas cards is to only send non-local and if I get one from you first. Best I can manage. Except for those years I totally let myself off the hook and don't do it at all! Your dog is dear.

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