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Thursday, December 15, 2011

foggy grey day in nyc
i can't stop looking at kitchu's beautiful pics
love these modern furniture calendars
if you're visiting nyc, i highly recommend hopstop to help you get around
though once you get off the subway, the directions are completely useless
sam wiggins' christmas gift!
shhhh don't tell
an interesting map of nyc based on economic status (thanks, ashley)
ed left the house last night in a tux
while i ate a bowl of cereal in my pj's
what the hell is a HDMI splitter?
and who cares?
and why has whole foods sold out of my peanut butter for a month now?
real problems, i tell ya'
oatmeal with soy milk....


B. in the Know said...

This morning as I was driving in to work, I was also dreaming about foggy NYC and longing to be there - perfect timing on your post!
Much love,

la domestique said...

I don't know what the hell an HDMI splitter is either. I asked my techie husband, he explained it, and I still don't know. Did you not hear about the peanut farming issues this summer? There will be a shortage of peanuts this year and they will be very expensive. Maybe the producer of your pb is having issues with that? Also, you've inspired me with your moving photos and I did one over at the blog today!

rebecca said...

la domestique-
didn't know about the nut shortage. that would explain a lot.

rachel kirk peterson said...

i love that peanut butter. what's your favorite flavor?

rebecca said...

smooth operator. plain and simple. :)

sumslay said...

Heh, I love the tux and cereal in pjs line. I personally think you win that one.

So, this NYC economic map....Um....not being a New Yorker myself, I'm confused by this "median income in NYC is $50,285." WHAT?! How is that possible? Even $150K would be surprising to me, so this $50K thing is reaaaaally stumping me.

Elizabeth Harwell said...

i buy pb&co, too! smooth operator, of course. believe it or not... i buy it at (eek!) wally world!

Jasmine said...

Now you have *me* thinking about NYC fog. Le sigh!

lucia m said...

beautiful pic!

tytty said...

we need some of that pb in aus, cinnamon raisin swirl and dark choc ..

la petite coquine said...

I must hear more about this TUX!

The Rigolosos said...

I love this post.

And I agree- we need pics of Ed in his tux. It's only right.


Chessa! said...

and btw, sometimes whole foods stops stocking random things and it's really annoying. like a few weeks ago they stopped bringing these yogurts that lucia is obsessed with. and the girl ASKS for them! I have to go to Union Sq. to see if they have them there.

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