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Friday, February 24, 2012

this photo reminds me of high school senior portraits
how cool were those? 
i definitely wore overalls in a barn for a series of shots 
show of hands... how many of you stood on a railroad track with your hands in your pockets?
i should replace my ratty old converse with these
is there anyone cuter than bradley cooper in the hangover?
what is it with him in that movie?
i swear we take pics that don't include sam wiggins
no, we really don't
he goes everywhere we go!
where do you shop for spiffy workout clothes?
these cheapos never get old
but they are getting kinda old
i'm ron burgundy?
coffee in hand....


Kyla said...

Oh high school portraits! My mom took mine in our backyard ;) Happy Friday!

Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

hahaha you make me laugh. no railroad portraits....I suppose I wan't cool enough. And this photo is awesome! Hope you have a great weekend, Rebecca :)

jen said...

my senior pics were so boring - cap & gown or those velvet drape things that were off the shoulder and showed my tan lines from the summer.

workout clothes...not cheap but last forever - Athleta!

"no mercy!"

rebecca said...

i've heard good things about athleta as well. thanks for the rec.

Shannon said...

A few things:
I never had senior pics, I was too cool for that ;)
Just got Bensimons on sale from Madewell to replace my ratty old converse
And new workout clothes from Lululemon, I guess we think alike for purchases! PS - I LOVE Lulu, they last forever, never fade or stretch out, they are a little pricey at first but so, so worth it :)


Rebeka said...

I definitely just laughed out loud at the thought of you in overalls on a tractor! Amazing, 100%! I definitely didn't wear overalls and there were no tractors in my senior pictures, but I definitely did the peek around the tree pose. So fancy. There were also some of me on bridges over creeks. Again, very fancy ha.

Also I really like the above picture. And more importantly I really like the coat you're wearing. I want it on my body right now. K thanks. :)

Hope you're having a good day!!

rebecca said...

yes! the peek around the tree pose!

Lauren said...

Senior portraits are much, much cooler now. Not cool enough to make it worth going back, but way cooler than I ever was.

House of Milk said...

I only had the standard black velvet blanket drape thing for my senior photos. Nothing outdoor, sadly. But the railroad track photos sound like the coolest!/sarcasm

and cute, furry babies must be in all photos. otherwise the photos are damn boring.

oh and... go fuck yourselves, san diego.

liza said...

Athleta and Lululemon! And Nike.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh god, senior portraits! We actually all took ours in some horrible room in the basement–no pockets, no railroad, and certainly no overalls were permitted. No fun, either.

Vanda said...

Great photo.have a nice weekend. kisses

kylie said...

Sam makes all the photos that touch cuter! Even my 3yo thinks so! Australian senior {or year 12} photos are all done at school, in uniform. My uniform was grass green... ick! Definitely no fun there.

Kimberly Capeto said...

Hey !
We don't have this senior portraits here in Brazil, in fact, we don't even have prom ! hahaha.
Anyway, that photo is beautiful.


TheBeautyFile said...

Is this at Columbia? Do you live near there? I miss it so. I went to Barnard, like a MILLION years ago.

rebecca said...

beauty file-
it is! such a beautiful campus.

kitchu said...

i skipped the whole high school portrait thing. i just prefer being behind the camera i guess :) this is a lovely shot of you and your handsome boy.

Chessa! said...

we didn't do those portraits in my high school. but I'm sure I totally would have been there doing something absurd. I was a cheerleader. A cheerleader! I can hardly believe that I'm fairly certain that if I had done one of those portraits it would have been decidedly absurd. I was however best dressed according to my fellow seniors and I remember wearing something (not my cheerleading uniform) kind of boring. And not as surprisingly I guess given my chosen profession, they told me I was "most artistic"...that photo was much more clever. My friend and I made stick figures of each other and they used that. :)

workout clothes that aren't lululemon are from danskin or adidas. I would buy them in Filene's but I guess you can't do that try modell's or something. they usually have great stuff.

and PLEASE don't apologize for the Sam Wiggins photos. He is so sweet.

Chessa! said...

and PS--I love your hat! such a lovely color that really pops in this portrait of a girl and her dog:)

rebecca said...

monica and shannon-
i'm thinking i may need to splurge on a few lulu staples that i'll have forever.

Chessa! said...

you should. I'm obsessed with all of my lulu pants. I nearly passed out when I swiped my card since honestly it's ridiculous what they cost but they are so worth it. They are so comfortable and they hold up even after washing them again and again.

Happenstance said...

Such a great photo!

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