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Friday, March 23, 2012

more photos on facebook
let's talk about how our taxes aren't done yet
or we can slit our wrists and slowly bleed to death
this is how a designy person accessorizes
i should do a post on the cleanest nyc public bathrooms
someone should make an app for that
take the time to be informed about pinterest (thanks amy)
i would throw a mad men party 
but no one would come to my mad men party cause they are already going to a mad men party
i'd rather just watch the season opener in my pj's with a bowl of jelly beans
also, the new york times reports that sugary drinks are linked to heart disease
really? that's a shocker
we're bringing sarcasm back to the blog people
pbj for lunch.....


Katie said...

There actually is an app for that--it's called Best Bathroom. I haven't tried it. You should give it a test run and report back. ;)

jen said...

i've heard a lot of negative things about pinterest lately. my biggest concern is what if it gets shut down and i lose all my archived pins and images? i'm working on copying images and locations the old fashioned way. maybe a binder? ha ha.

rebecca said...

of course there's an app already!

lisa frank folders inside a trapper keeper.

Ashley Faye - said...

Are you a Seinfeld fan? or Curb? In the reunion episode of Curb, we go back to Seinfeld and George made millions with an app of the best public bathroom near you. Also, the pantone scarf link is broken ;(

rebecca said...

i never got into curb. but we frequent the seinfeld re-runs on a regular basis.

and thanks for the link info. sold out!

Susan said...

love the sarcasm...and mad men, hooray!

Liv Lundelius said...

hahahah i can't believe there is an app for it. amazing!

patience said...

is mad men finally coming back on?? now i have to go google it, lol - thanks for the tip!

Punctuation Mark said...

great post... have a great weekend!

kay* @ chronicled blog said...

Don't you just love when these "official" reports come out telling us things we already know. I always think they should've just gave the research money to me and i could have told them that!

i really enjoy this feature of yours!

Amy Parker Anderson (Parker Etc) said...

You can come to our Mad Man watching party! ..... and by 'our'... I mean my friend Nate's! I'm notorious for sending invites out to things I'm not hosting.

Come one, come all!


TheBeautyFile said...

Sarcasm, fortunately, has never left!!! My blog thrives on it!

I once saw a diagram someone posted on tumblr of a map of soho with all the cleanest bathrooms there. I felt like there were a lot of starbucks on the list. If you make an app for it, I'll buy it. Can you include bathrooms with changing tables and if they were clean, too?

rebecca said...

ha! seriously, i have a date with the jelly bean bowl.

Julie said...

Your sarcasm made me smile - keep it coming

Julie said...

In Australia we'll be glued to the finale of Homeland on Sunday night but for when we finally get the new season Mad Men I may indulge in some of the above

dreamday said...

still working on my taxes too... and now craving some colorful jelly beans :)

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