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Friday, April 20, 2012

paris cafe

visiting paris for the first time and only staying 3.5 days makes me no expert. but our hotel was amazing and so were the restaurants we tried.

eggs and co paris
eggs and co paris

don't let the english name fool you. eggs and co. is as french as they come with a line out the door for weekend brunch. cutest little place i ever did see and the food didn't disappoint.

le cacaotier chocolaté paris

paris by mouth was our go-to source for all things food related. it breaks down restaurants by neighborhood which is crazy helpful when you're tired of walking and ready to eat.

poilane bakery paris

poilane bakery was full of chocolate croissants, shortbread cookies, and apple turnovers.

more amazing food:
cosi- sandwich shop baking fresh from the oven focaccia bread
fish la boissonnerie- everybody knows your name type of wine bar with a vegetarian friendly menu (score!)
semilla- contemporary bistro with an open kitchen

and of course we stopped by laduree for macarons.

we stayed in saint germain (the 6th arrondissement) and all food recs come from this neighborhood alone. as much exploring as we did, we stuck to our hood for food.

paris cafe

americanized or not, the bensimon store was around the corner from our hotel. i also fell in love with the dresses at chattawak. the store owner described chattawak (in her best broken english) as a parisian young ladies shop. i left the store with this and this.

la villa saint germain
la villa saint germain
la villa saint germain
la villa saint germain

our boutiquey hotel felt like home after a long day of walking the streets. the smallish room was cozy, minimal, and inexplicably clean.

where do you eat, stay, and shop in paris?


Susan said...

I have heard so many great things about Eggs & Co.! So glad you didn't miss a classic like Laduré fav. I have so many favorites, too many to list here, but they all exist in my paris archives if you're curious. ;)

Quindome said...

A guide broken down by neighborhood is smart! I've never been to Paris, but this looks lovely. Maybe I missed the reason, but what was the reason for going to Paris for such a short jaunt? Seems like the best long weekend ever!

the southern hostess said...

Those stacks of Bensimons look like heaven to me. Sounds like y'all packed a lot of goodness into those three days!

Michelle Kendrick Hartney said...

That's the same place we stayed last time I was in Paris. So lovely!

Tibs said...

Have to write down the name of that hotel - looks exactly what needed for a short break in Paris.

Nice post with lots of information - Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip! I love the dresses you purchased from the "Parisian young ladies'" shop. I don't remember too much about where I ate in Paris, but I did enjoy a picnic under the Eiffel Tower with goodies from Fauchon.

in dreams said...

chattawak has such cute clothes! :) i was more into the museums than the food, sadly, mainly because i was by myself. but i'm totally checking out eggs+co the next time i go, since i hope to be visiting with someone who loves eating as much as i do (and pretty much hates museums, haha).

Patrice said...

I don't know, you may have only been there for only 3.5 days, but you sound like a pretty great expert to me! Love all the shops, the eats and those Bensimon towers. How cool!

Lonely Wife Project said...

I need to bookmark this for my trip in the fall.

Tara Celeste said...

Just pinned this so I can reference it when we go in August. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Tara Celeste said...
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Mara Kofoed said...

so freaking dreamy!!!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I love that you guys really made the most of just 3 1/2 days–you were Parisian sponges! The last time I was in Paris I was with my family, so it was a more indulgent stay than I'd be able to pull off these days, but I'd definitely squeeze in a glass of Champagne at Brasserie Lipp, if only for the ambiance!

Christine said...

I hope you guys had a great time :) When I lived in Paris my favorite restaurants were Les P'tites Indécises (they have a vegetarian menu), Rose Bakery, Chez Omar (lovely warm ambiance and everyone is so friendly), L'Homme Tranquille (they also have a vegetarian menu), Merci, Breizh Café (must try a crêpe caramel au beurre salé!), Le Bar à Soupes (four types of soup/salads everyday), and Godjo for Ethiopian food. Talking about my favorite restaurants makes me count the days til I move back!

rebecca said...

great tips for our next visit. thanks. :)

Justine said...

This post makes me want to visit Paris even more!

Monica L. Shulman said...

I think I really need to go back to Paris soon. Saint Germain is my favorite place to stay bc it's just so quaint and charming. My favorite street is rue du seine but I also really like rue du buci. Such great little hotels and restaurants and shops. I adore the little dresses you bought!
I'm bookmarking this bc you can NEVER have too many tips about Paris and anyone who goes is an immediate expert...there's so much to see and do and eat...and buy, of course:)

Linds said...

oooh love and miss Poilane beyond words. looks like the perfect mini Parisian getaway... Saint Germain is my favorite.

Inessa said...

I am planning on going next year and this post is so helpful. Thank you

Rebeka said...

OOhh chocolate croissants? I'm drooling. All of your food sounds amazing! AND those dresses!! SO cute! Good work!

Aubrey said...

Rebecca, overall was it hard to come by vegetarian friendly places to eat?
Your stay looks amazing! I hope to make it to Paris someday.

rebecca said...

yes, i could usually find a vegetarian option after i figured out what the heck the menu said. :)

nikeheel said...

So amazing ! Love those little case and the potos you post ! So beautiful . Thanks !

Falcon said...

I too stayed at The Villa Saint Germain, best breakfast ever! Oh how I miss Paris :)

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