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Friday, April 13, 2012


i think people are trying me out on twitter and then realize it's not a good fit
we have fun on twitter and mostly never say things that aren't nice
i swear
what it's like for beautiful people (thanks brandi)
just got around to watching last week's mad men
what the what?
perfect for a summer wedding
some dude is yelling obscenities outside cause some other dude backed into his car
i know this because he's yelled it 95 times since i started this post
the disturbing car crunch noise also gave it away
i eat pbj's for lunch every day
what's the adult lunch choice? sushi? kale salad with a spritz of lemon juice?
ordered these light and breezy shorts yesterday 
jorts get so, er, sticky in the summer
puffins and soy milk....


Alessandra said...

hmmm...lots to think about.
I like you on twitter.
I love the photo story link you shared.
I think the dress is cute, although more for a vacation than a summer wedding.
Road rage is bad. The movie Crash is great.
And a question...what color are your Bensimons in the post about going to Paris? I have beige ones and am trying to decide a new spring color.
Have a lovely weekend.

rebecca said...

puffins cereal.
true on the dress... a casual summer wedding, perhaps.
as for the bensimons, should be this color:

Shannon said...

I just followed you on twitter too! I have a love/hate relationship with the twitter. I stopped using it for awhile and then just started using it again for an internship i'll be doing, so then I unfollowed like half the people I was following (mostly businesses) in the hopes to make it feel less chaotic. It just stresses me out! Unlike Pinterest, which I can scroll through all day, perhaps I'm just a more visual person?

Also, yes my jaw was on the floor for that Mad Men scene, crazy!

And last of all, those shorts look fab, might have to get a pair myself, and I can't wait to see some Paris photos girl! So exciting!


rebecca said...

i have a love/hate relationship with twitter too. it's a bit overwhelming at times (so many random thoughts to read!) but an indispensable networking tool.

about those paris photos... i gotta get cracking!

kitchu said...

How do people keep up with so much of these on line communities? I just can't do it. I applaud you for even posting on your blog so regularly!

Rachael said...

That's a great story. Thank you for sharing! I'll try you out on twitter, I bet it'll be a great fit, since I love your blog : )


la domestique said...

Love puffins. :)

Patrice said...

Your 'thinking about's make me chuckle and smile. And you're never too old for pbj lunches. Or pbf (peanut butter + fluff).

Lottie said...

I am still not sure about twitter--I just don't have enough interesting thoughts--no wonder people stop following me.

You on the other hand keep me entertained.

Kayla Poole said...

Thanks for link love, lady. I'm still contemplating those shorts myself. Have you poked around the site and caught wind of all the other striped goodies at steven alan right now? danger, danger!

Chessa! said...

I personally love PBJs for breakfast with my coffee or a glass of milk. Lucia is not really a fan. She's more of a pancakes kind of girl and she likes the fruity so I throw in some bananas, pears and kiwi. Lunch around here is whatever the baby is having and when I give her chicken I make a salad for myself but lately it's a lot of lentils and hummus, chicken and avocado. She also LOVES rice pilaf. ha! So I eat better than I ever did before I had a child bc I'm obsessed with what I feed her.

happy weekend! x

Krissy B said...

Ooh, I love this! It's like a little poem/story. Really neat-o. :)
Lovely, lovely post and lovely, lovely blog you have.

Happy weekend! xo.

STYLE'N said...

Just getting around to checking out your blog and it is super cute! :)

fifth floor apartment said...

twitter can definitely be a strange beast.

also, this is written so superbly.

and that photo? gorgeous.

xo alison

kitchu said...

so i'm recovering from like a major surgery, and just watched the first episode of mad men. can you say better late than never OR WHAT? hooked. like a drug woman.

rebecca said...

no turning back! speedy recovery to you. :) said...

i am so not getting twitter. i am the nerd in the corner at the twitter party. or there's a party going on and i can't find the door. what am i missing?! pls come talk to me.

peanut butter puffins. i tell myself they're a healthy version of cap't crunch. no crunch berries, but still my favorite.

still on season one of mad men on netflix. betty *finally* on to don. i could hardly take it anymore.

Lonely Wife Project said...

I just wasted too much time on the Beautiful People website. And I eat a pbj for breakfast almost every day. Word.

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