weekend project: flor tiles.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

flor tiles

an early saturday morning was spent (in our pj's) piecing together flor tiles to give us a new living room rug. rather, ed pieced it together while i took pics and rolled around on the new tiles with sam wiggins.

flor tiles how to
flor tiles how to

what is it?
flor tiles are extremely customizable as you can buy the amount of tiles needed for your space. it's great for our narrow brownstone apartment since standard rug sizes never really worked. you can also use a carpet knife on the tiles to cut around edges or make wall-to-wall carpet.

flor tiles
flor tiles how to

how does it work?
order as many sample tiles as you please before making your final choice. once you've chosen your tile,
launch the florbuilder to determine how many to order. when they arrive, piece your tiles together with sticky dots.

knoll womb chair
flor tiles how to

before moving the furniture back, it's essential to roll around and play ball on the new rug.

a few tips:
1. buy extra sticky dots and double up on high traffic areas.
2. when your samples arrive, line them up in a dimly lit area as well as in the sunlight. this way you get a feel for their true color.
3. walk on them with bare feet.

we chose these tiles for the living room and these for the bedroom. also, a rug pad is not necessary but it was leftover from our previous (ill-fitting) rug.


Pop Champagne said...

oh it looks great! congrats!

Rik said...

you are so lovely! and i love the new rug!

Susan said...

We have FLOR in our den...love it! Yours looks great!!

Lisa said...

Flor tiles are the best! LOVE the look of the ones you picked - it turned out great :) Enjoy the new feel!

rebecca said...

also, what if you stuck 2 tiles together and made a front door mat? :)

Patrice said...

You guys make home improvement so much fun. :)

Chessa! said...

ugh the sweater rug. I am so excited that you got rid of it and opted for flor. The truth is that the rug irritates me to no end...I can make a new rug with the insane amount of fuzz that I pull from Lucia's velcro shoes every week. But it fits perfectly in our living room and I love the neutral color and it feels super soft under our bare feet. You'll have to let me know how you all love the flor tiles...so far it looks like they're a hit! I love what you chose. Also, I puffy heart SW. x

Petra said...

how are your hands? last time I had to cut carpet tiles I had blisters all over my fingers... looks great, tho

rebecca said...

yikes! ed did the cutting and it was only for 2 tiles. it didn't look like an easy task.

Briana said...

Love FLOR. We just bought some for our nursery and will definitely buy more for the rest of our apartment. And that company basically rocks when it comes to their commitment to the environment.

Looks great!

Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

I've contemplated flor tiles for awhile - they seem much more affordable than a rug. I take it you recommend it?

Lonely Wife Project said...

I've always wanted to go with Flor tiles, especially since I can easily replace the ones damaged by my animals.

ZDub said...

I love Flor, it looks great! I have Flor in my living room and it has survived red wine and children. Can't say that about any other rug we've owned.

Kayla Poole said...

only you could make rolling around on a rug look this good!

rebecca said...

highly recommend!

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

such a brilliant idea! They seem really durable too which I love.

kitchu said...

these are SO cool!! i wonder if i can pull up the carpet in the study and put this down??

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