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Friday, May 25, 2012

paris cafe

tips for fine hair
it's really hard to just BE
you know, just be ok with where you are right now
it's fleet week in nyc
to stop planning and striving and comparing yourself to others
sounds about right
ed's parents are visiting over the long weekend
we're making another trip to the hamptons in their honor
did you watch so you think you can dance last night?
remember beefy the bulldog?
he's going to be on the new cbs series dogs in the city   :)
for summer berries
leftover pizza for lunch...


ashley faye said...

i was driving down 278 last night and saw so many beautiful ships totally lit up on the water. i want to catch one of the parades this weekend.

Susan said...

So happy SYTYCD is back, and that you share the obsession...have a great weekend!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I have to stop myself from picking up white ceramic berry baskets in every size each time I go outside. Hope it's a beautiful weekend!

Gita said...

... And to stop comparing to others - yup. Will work on that too ;).


The Bebebirds said...

Love these...and yes it can be so hard to be!


Lonely Wife Project said...

I love the way your brain works! I separate people into two categories: those who can BE and those who will never BE. I will never ever ever BE and it kind of makes me crazy. Also, I have SYTYCD on my DVR and waiting for the first opportunity to watch it. It's the one competition show I love.

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