heirloom tomato salad.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

heirloom tomato salad

farmers market tomatoes are jumping out of my fridge, i have so dang many. you should know that this salad is essentially panzanella without the bread. cheater!

pairs well with pasta and pizza leftovers. a side of fresh produce perks up a day old menu.

heirloom tomato salad
heirloom tomatoes (about a pint or so)
small red onion
fresh basil

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
sea salt
freshly ground pepper

1. slice tomatoes, onion, and basil and set aside in a bowl.
2. i never mix the vinaigrette in a separate dish. i just kinda eyeball it and pour the olive oil and vinegar right on top.
3. give it a toss and finish with lots of sea salt and freshly ground pepper. i swear it makes all the difference.

ps: spoon the mixture on top of toasty bread and you have bruschetta. is it bru-shetta or bru-sketta? someone make it right, once and for all.


SreeBindu said...

Tomatoes, fresh and tasty :)

sheri said...

Gorgeous! And it's "bru-sketta". For real.

rebecca said...

i always say bru-sketta at restaurants and get the funny looks. i knew it! :)

Samara said...

I just made this last night! It might be my very favorite summer side dish. SO easy but SO tasty. I didn't have a ripe one last night, but I love to throw in a sliced avocado as well.

Johanna said...

This is a salad so up my alley. Delish!

Anonymous said...

Bru-sketta! "Ch" in Italian makes a "K" sound. Just like how we say Chianti "Kianti". :)

-Megan K

ps, I love your blog! I just found it recently and I'm happy to find someone with a similar sense of humor!

Kim said...

Definitely bru-sketta, but I say it the other way since I've received those looks at restaurants, too. This salad looks delicious - we are getting heirloom tomatoes in our CSA box tonight, so I think I'll make this for dinner.

Kyla said...

Oooh, yum! I love using fresh tomatos to make salads...though I always ending pairing them with mozzarella :)

in dreams said...

daaaang. i'm jealous of your tomatoes!! in fact, i think i need to make every meal with heirloom tomatoes, from now on...mmm. :)

jamie oliver's key to a good tomato salad is leaving salt on the tomatoes for a good 15 minutes prior to eating it. i haven't managed to be able to wait to that long, but if you're so inclined to try, i think he might be right.

ALSO. can we talk about adding in some kale (with salt added about 5 min prior to eating it, so it softens) to this salad? i have been eating nothing but kale salads lately (obv with some grape tomatoes added) and it is DIVINE. divine i say!

i love summer.

rebecca said...

thanks and thanks!

in dreams-
thanks for the jamie oliver tip. :)

Rebeka said...

This recipe sounds perfect for a hot summer night! Mm! I love tomatoes!

And I always say bru-shetta but I have a feeling that's not the fanciest way to say it ;)

Chelsey said...

Yum! I love how perfectly you can slice your little heirloom tomatoes. Whenever I cut into mine, green goo/guts goes everywhere. To avoid this, I just eat them whole. But really, this looks delicious.

Kayla Poole said...

bru-shetta, but that's just because I think I sound like an asshole when I say it the other way.


Olga said...

Well, Giada would definitely say bru-sketta.

Panzanella comes with every dinner at my apartment during the summer. I just can't let the season's tomatoes pass me by. And heirloom tomatoes no less. be still my heart. Thanks for the recipe, Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

It's Italian, hence it's pronounced "brus-ketta". It's not fancy, it's just correct.

I actually think it's more "asshole" to change the way it should be pronounced.

"Bru-shetta" makes me cringe.

Laura (Blogging Over Thyme) said...

Heirloom tomatoes are the best! That is definitely a part of summer I will miss. It's definitely Brusketta!! :)

Jan Anderson said...

When servers look at me funny, I say, "Like Pinocchio!" and they get it. Salting pulls out some of the liquid, so it you use it for bruschetta, you can lift it out of the juice and it doesn't melt the toast.

maroc deal said...

It must be so tasty ! I like this kind of salads

Anonymous said...

This is bold and sassy in the manner of the Mormon Pioneers who first discovered the tomato in the clutches of Savage Man.

curiouscovetous said...

YUM! can't wait for tomato weather. Also, I recently learned that putting them in your fridge kinda ruins the flavor. Who knew?

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