ktaadn tea towels.

Friday, September 7, 2012

ktaadn tea towels

i found out about ktaadn's screen printed textiles at the renegade craft fair earlier this summer. their brightly colored modern prints make all the difference in my teeny kitchen. 

ps: i'm selling my computer desk from west elm. email me if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

Neon dish towels?! Oh my!

Amielle said...

I love the simplicity and the brightness. Once I have my own kitchen: something like that will be in it.

Sal {Daniel and I} said...

I've just splurged on some nice new tea towels for our place too! I think they can make all the difference sometimes and against our white kitchen I think they look pretty rad! xx

Jessie Ammons said...

I'm in love - thank you!

Lauren Knight said...

These are great. Thanks for sharing!

I always seem to buy such boring dish towels in muted colors. But the neon is kind of awesome and unexpected.

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