apple pickin.

Monday, October 29, 2012

apple picking

in an excuse to escape the city and breathe some fresh air, we drove to battleview orchards to pick apples and drink cider. sam wiggins came along for the ride and sampled a few apple delicacies as well. when i say apple delicacies i mostly mean he had a bite of my apple. god love him, he has stomach issues and i'm no fool.

battleview orchards
apple picking
apple cider donuts

the line for hot apple cider donuts curved around the building and of course they were worth the wait. best when eaten soggy and dunked in apple cider.

apple picking

the low hanging fruit had all been picked so ed came in handy. i was the bucket lady cause i couldn't reach a thing.... until i got tired of being the bucket lady and started climbing trees.

battleview orchards
apple picking
battleview orchards

taking photos in shadowy noon light is irritating, but the leaves made a beautiful diffused glow that i couldn't help but follow. i'm not gonna lie..... ed mainly picked all the apples.

apple picking


Susan said...

aw, well I'm sure that bite was the highlight of sam wiggins day! :)

Briana said...

Love your sweater. Good thing you went apple-pickin' when you did as I'm sure ol' Sandy will make applesauce of the remaining fruit.

Jamie said...

I know you've said in the past that you don't know if you've "found" your style - but I love your style! Where are you pants and shoes from?

rebecca said...

you're so kind. thanks! :)

pants are bennett chinos from jcrew. shoes are from cole haan several years ago.

in dreams said...

climbing the trees is half the fun! :)

Becca :: Making Room in Sicily said...

Mmm we escaped to the hills for some fall color too! No hot apple cider donuts in Sicily, sadly, but I remember them well from New England.

Shannon said...

Agree with Jamie! Your style is super cute in these photos, where is the sweater from? I love a good cozy fall sweater. :)

The last shot of Ed is gorgeous

rebecca said...


Kayla Poole said...

Man that diffused light is my fave. And yep, your sweater is bangin'.

Lydia said...

Love the photos. Autumn leaves and sun. The apples look delicious and those pumpkins are making me think of Halloween!

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