breakfast at columbia university.

Monday, October 1, 2012

columbia university greenmarket

in the fall we go on weekend walks to columbia university's greenmarket and eat breakfast on campus. it's become a tradition right down to what we eat and where we sit. two apple cider donuts for ed, an apple spice muffin for me, and purposely dropped crumbs for sam wiggins.

columbia university greenmarket
columbia university greenmarket

sam looks older in this photo and it rips out my heart. he also stole a strawberry from the bag right after this photo, so you know. 

columbia university greenmarket
columbia university greenmarket
columbia university greenmarket

students walk by and we overhear conversations about exams, papers, and professors. a sense of relief or stress is usually found in their voice. ed and i give each other a wise smile as it all seems so ridiculous to us now. but then, in the moment.... it was real life, cut throat, make the grade pressure. i have to wonder, what will seem so ridiculous to us in our mid-30's when we look back to right now? i have to hope it's the constant pressure i put on myself to have it all figured out. my 35 year old self will laugh at my 28 year old self and realize i've had it figured out all along. 

columbia university greenmarket


Briana said...

Wow. Strawberries in October?! Or maybe that's an archived photo. Either way, they are beautiful.

I know what I'll look back on ten years from now and laugh at.... the debate of where our little family should put down roots. Boston? SLC? Boston? SLC? I'm sure, whatever we decide, it will seem so obvious after a few years have passed.

Love your red ballet flats!

rebecca said...

strawberries at the end of september actually! weird, right?

Becca said...

We just spent our Saturday morning at the farmer's market/flea market on Capitol Hill and I posted about it today. There's nothing that says "hello, fall!" like apple cider at a city market!

in dreams said...

those strawberries look INCREDIBLE. i'm so jealous of mr sam wiggins for being able to taste-testing them, haha. :)

Atsuko said...

The campus has such a wonderful farmer's market! I feel that NYC seems to have more farmer's market than I anticipated from your blog. By the way, I love those little pumpkins.

danielle p. said...

i just love visiting the farmers market! hopefully you got some goodies while you were there, those little pumpkins look too cute to pass up!

Susan said...

Aw Sam does look older in that shot, so sweet. It is amazing how things that were so important when we were younger seem so silly now. ;)

Kayla Poole said...

sometimes, I get so nostalgic for college & grad school. but mostly, I feel good about where we are now. beautiful photos, as always.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

This made me smile–I can't wait to hear what an older me will say about this time in my life!

Monica L. Shulman said...

well, as a 35 year old the stuff that stressed me out back then (when I was your age) was very real but now I understand that I needed to go through it. Now the stresses and worries are no different in the sense that they obviously exist and matter but the difference is that now I feel better equipped (with age, I guess, or experience) to handle it better. I don't get as worried or nervous as before bc I finally FINALLY know that things have a way of working themselves out and I have the good sense to know that I will make it work...if not for me then for my family. My 28 year old self desperately wanted to feel that but I never quite got there and I was too busy stressing to really try to figure it out! I wonder what my 40 year old self will think at this point.

domestikate said...

You know, I think we never get it all figured out. We always think those older than us have somehow got it but I'm pretty sure everyone is just making it up as they go along!

And this market looks amazing!

Colleen Brynn said...

I love fresh cider, and I love that dog! Sam is so handsome! My cat is also getting older (6), and I know what you mean when you say it rips out your heart.
I am still (still!) a student, recently accepted into optometry, so I have 4 more years of this stress. That is still very much a reality for me... I can't wait to be on the other side, laughing at this version of myself...

his little lady said...

This post just rings so true. So many things looking back that used to stress me out are all but a laugh. It brings me comfort but also concern to know that things might possibly get even harder than I imagine as I get older.
But on a positive note, these pictures are absolutely stunning, and your blog is perfect! So happy I stumbled across it today ;)
xo TJ

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