early fall.

Monday, October 8, 2012


the leaves are ever so slightly changing and we've been taking extra long walks with the furry man. it's that time of year when you're hot, then you're cold, and then at night you really are cold. i'm kind of still wearing summer clothes with a blazer on top but it's officially time to do the changing of seasons wardrobe switcheroo.

fall in central park


Briana said...

Your jumper is adorable!

I wore a dress yesterday and there was just enough nip in the air to need tights. Perfect!

Becca said...

That pup is too cute, as is your outfit. I'm fearing the cold in Sicily this winter and a newborn babe on the way, so made him a cute plaid swaddle blanket this weekend. This chill in the air is enough to get the good intentions turned into actions!

SusanZ said...

I like your outfit. Simple but elegant.

natalie holbrook said...

You cute thing you.

Monica L. Shulman said...

I'm dreading the switcheroo. Also, if it's ever a nice day again, and if I'm ever not sick again, then we have to plan an outing to the park so I can meet SW and so that we can photograph foliage. hopefully neither one of us has to cancel this time.

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