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Friday, October 26, 2012

fingerless gloves

i've lived in new york long enough to know that i need three levels of coats. it sounds excessive, but hear me out.

level 1- springtime trench that provides little warmth, preferably waterproof.

level 2- early to late fall wooly mid-length coat.

level 3- oh my god it snowed 2 feet last night.

wanna hear something even more frivolous? i have three levels of accessories too. i know, i know. there's a linen spring scarf, which then moves into a cable knit fall scarf, and come december it's a neck gaiter. same for gloves.

it's a very precise method and i have it down to a science. you best believe i'm warm.

ps: i love these (level 1) fingerless gloves.


Jamie said...

I actually think your outerwear methods are pretty legit. All coats are not created equal! We need different coats for different needs. I was just thinking this yesterday as I put my lightweight summer rain jacket on over my fall sweater because it was raining but COLD! I need more outerwear.

Aoife said...

any advice for a new New Yorker in need of a level 3 but desperately trying to avoid puffer jacket hell? said...

I live in Chicago and I have the same three levels of coats and accessories. Glad to hear someone else doesn't think it is excessive either!

Anonymous said...

Not excessive at all! I live in Seattle and have 3 levels of rain jackets alone... you don't even want to know how much outerwear I own!

The Bebebirds said...

Not excessive at all! It's practical and quite frankly, quite organized. Love those fingerless gloves as well.


Susan said... the levels. In that case my favorite season is level 3 defcon five.

Briana said...

I thought I had 'dressing for cold' down when I lived in SLC. But then I moved to Boston. And my warm winter coat felt like I was wearing Kleenex.

East Coast cold is NO JOKE!

Erica said...

not only are there the three levels of warmth (all of which I have), but there are also the various levels of formality. i have my casual fleeces, my wool capes, my wool coats, my ski parkas, etc. each level needs a casual and nice coat. so basically, i have a million coats hanging in my closet.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

This is the best thing ever. I miss having levels–I like levels. Instead I have "Blazer", Oct-Aug. But I shouldn't complain, because I also have no level three!

rebecca said...

they're a bit sporty, but patagonia has a few great non-puffy down coats. besides that, jcrew's puffer is somewhat flattering.

oh, and if price doesn't matter ($$) go to searle on the UES. :)

Lauren Knight said...

I don't think this sounds strange at all! I do the same thing. Being comfortable and warm makes being outside in any weather that much more enjoyable!

Ana Maria Mendez said...


Anna @ IHOD said...

Oh I can so relate to this. I have all these three levels. ;)
Love this pic!

Eliza Jane said...

I'm from Ottawa, Canada. I totally understand! We have a "part B" for each level; the sporty version that we can wear doing outdoor activities like skiing or snow shoeing. :-)

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