pasta fagioli.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

pasta fagioli

this is one of those really easy one pot soups that makes people think you're a genius in the kitchen. the end result tastes like your favorite restaurant pasta dish.

pasta fagioli
extra virgin olive oil
small yellow onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 celery stalk, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
1 15oz can cannellini beans
1 15oz can crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce
bay leaf
1 tbsp dried basil or handful fresh chopped basil
1 tsp oregano
4-6 cups of chicken or vegetable broth
6oz ditalini pasta
salt and pepper to taste
grated parmesan reggiano for topping

1. in a big soup pot, saute the onion and garlic with a few glugs of olive oil.
2. add the celery and carrots and cook until tender.
3. add crushed tomatoes or sauce, beans, chicken/vegetable broth, basil, bay leaf, oregano, salt and pepper. i usually start with 4 cups of broth and add a bit more at the end. just depends on how soupy you like your soup.
4. bring to a boil then let simmer for 20 minutes.
5. add pasta and cook al dente according to package directions.

service with grated parmesan on top and crunchy bread.

ps: don't forget the parmesan rind.

recipe adapted from skinnytaste.


Briana said...

I made something similar the other day with basically all the need-to-go veggies in my fridge... and then I remembered your post about the parmesan rind! In it went... and out came a delicious soup!

I'll be making this soup next so my husband can continue to think I am a genius in the kitchen. ; )

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Once SF cools off, THIS is what I'm making!

jillian m. said...

Since that post, I save rinds all the time now. I really want to try this - it looks absolutely delicious. I'm a soup-making machine these days!

Monica L. Shulman said...

I basically lived on this soup while I was pregnant and couldn't eat it for a year after I gave birth. I honestly had it at least 3 times a week. I was addicted to it. I might start making it again this winter bc I miss it. your looks delicious.

Jeane M. said...

Perfect cozy treat for this season. Love anything to do with tomatoes. Got my eye on your ideas in the next posts.

Tara Celeste said...

I accidentally didn't to eat lunch today and this post reminded me... now I'm hungry! Adding it to the menu this week for sure.

dinaclabaugh said...

Looks yummy. We've made this one three times this fall. It is delicious…you should try it! Thanks for the recipe…maybe our Soup Sunday for the week!

Marlene Detierro said...

Yum!! I could live on soup in the winter, thanks for the great recipe and sharing with everyone.

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