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Friday, November 2, 2012

new york city

it's disheartening to see photos i took a few weeks ago, knowing that parts of the city no longer look the same. many continue to be without power, heat, and hot water while others have lost their homes and loved ones. new york is a resilient city and in time order will be restored. i urge you to help out in any way possible not only to new yorkers, but surrounding cities effected as well.

nyc streets
high line nyc
high line nyc
nyc fire escape
nyc streets
nyc streets
graffiti art nyc
graffiti art nyc
nyc streets

check out new york cares for a list of volunteer opportunities in the area. if you're interested in helping with park clean up, you can sign up for service in manhattan, the bronx, or queens

please share any other ways to help! you can also donate here.

have a restful and blessed weekend. 


The Bebebirds said...

It really breaks my heart for you guys. I have many friends in New York and along the East coast. Praying for you guys and looking into what more we can do. Glad you're ok :)


sheri said...

just shared this post Rebecca - thank you.

marni zarr said...

looking at pictures and wondering is what makes it so sad for those of us who don't live there but have a never ending love affair with the city luring us back each year. then there are the other places that i only tuned in to see on the television last night. the places where people are begging for help. their homes flooded or worse carried away and now just a smattering of boards and soggy momentoes strewn about the tattered ground. there is such a feeling of empty loneliness. where do they go? i guess i'm just writing this to remind myself that i have to do something. i just don't know what to do. thank you for posting this rebecca. glad you are okay.

dinaclabaugh said...

Thank you Rebecca. I appreciate the link to donate. Duluth, Minnesota sends love and healthy energy your way. Take care.

LWP said...

I was thinking about Sam Wiggins this weekend actually. Wondered how you all fared the storm. Hope everything is okay.

Atsuko said...

Thank you for sharing those pictures. They mean so much because your pictures and voice are the reflection of the residents in NYC. I was actually wondering if there is any way that I can make any donation to those areas affected by Sandy. Not every news channels report everything, especially things viewers want to hear more about. Again, thank you. Hope you got back to your regular daily routine.

Kayla Poole said...

Beautiful. I love how these photos reflect so much warmth. A ray of sunshine in an otherwise very dark week.

Lindsay said...

So gorgeous!! Where is that picture of the kiss?? Is it from High Line park??

rebecca said...

yes! high line.

Susan said...

It's crazy how much NYC & NJ were affected. Beautiful shots...I've never seen that mural of the iconic war kiss!

Leticia Centeno said...

Hello Rebecca,

I visit your blog frequently but I think I have never left a comment before.

I just want to say that your posts and pictures from NYC mel my heart. I've lived in NY for 2 years , 3 years ago and since I came back to Brazil all I think about is moving back to NY.

Your pictures make me feel so happy for having the opportunity to live in NY once but it also makes my heart feel so small because I love the city to pieces.

Amazing blog!

Leticia Centeno

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