holiday travel tip.

Monday, November 19, 2012

holiday travel tip

like most naive newlyweds, our first holiday season included ed and i trying to please everyone by traveling for thanksgiving and christmas. we moved to new york knowing we'd be a plane ride away from family and obviously this would make things complicated. but we were superheroes with an unlimited budget (ha!) so never mind that nonsense.

without fail, back to back holiday travel took it's toll on our patience and checking account, and we returned on new year's day with a baust family rule. thou shalt only travel 1 holiday per year.

to be more specific, we're peacing out of nyc for thanksgiving OR christmas, but not both. the other open holiday is left for our own personal travel or for family to visit us in the city. everyone knows the rule in hopes that feelings don't get hurt.

i realize this isn't anything groundbreaking, but it's spared us some sanity.

also, let me take this time to inform you that it costs $175 both ways for sam wiggins to fly in his fancy dog carrier that fits under the seat. he wobbles through the metal detector like a drugged up champ. god bless you mothers and fathers who travel with children on the regular.

now is where you insert your own holiday travel traditions and pets on the plane tips.... go!

taxi photo by irene suchocki.


mary said...

Me and my husband are from the same hometown - yes we are lucky in that regards - but we did the same thing you did trying to visit everyone for every holiday. It was horrible - everyone was mad when we either left/showed up late! So this year we decided to only do each holiday with one side of our family, his or mine. Yeah, inevitably one side isn't happy about it, but then we switch and spend it with them the next year, and we save our sanity! Plus aren't holidays supposed to be relaxing?? So easy to forget that....

Jess said...

Oh, pets on the plane.

I live in Europe but am from Canada and my partner and I regularly cart two dachshund chihuahua mixes across the Atlantic. (Can I get an amen for the day when we don't have to pay several times more to take our dogs in the cabin, when their carriers are only replacing a piece of luggage we would normally take for free? ugh.)

We fast our pups before plane travel, so they don't have to 'go' in the air. But we've picked up a really handy tip on our trans-Atlantics: one of our dogs gets stressed while flying and pants the whole time. She pants herself right into a state of dehydration - not good when you're travelling for 20+ hours. So we now take a little spray bottle with us (the kind you get at the dollar store for putting hair spray in) and give her a few squirts every once in awhile. She puts her tongue out so we can spray the water on it, and loves it. It keeps her hydrated without giving her too much liquid, and seems to calm her down and keep her entertained too.

Bon voyage!

Jeneric Generation said...

The first year I moved away from home, I just thought it was a given that I fly back for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was great to be home for both holidays, but never again! Thanksgiving and Christmas felt extremely close that year, and my bank account suffered. Now, I am married, and my husband's family lives here. So, it works out perfectly that we spend one holicay with them, and the other with my family.

Ashley Doan said...

I've flown with my little one (less than 10lbs) a couple of times and am not fond of the fee especially when no one even checks to see that I have paid this extra amount for a "doggie ticket". ridic.

Anyway, when I fly with my dog, I give her half of a benadryl tablet about 30 minutes before (encased in yummy peanut butter of course) I leave for the airport. It doesn't make her go to sleep, but gets her drowsy enough to not care about all the craziness going on around her. I also found this great bag that you can carry as a backpack which made the travel so much easier for having other stuff with you as well.

Splitting up holidays by the year is a great way to compromise. It also allows you to come up with your own traditions as a family.

Thais said...

Maybe we got off too easy on this one. My parents are atheist and not American so thanksgiving has no meaning to them and they don't celebrate Christmas. Back in Brazil there is a huge family get together on Christmas day which to most would be more of a family reunion than Christmas and there is no obligation to go. Albeit my dad doesn't miss it and times he has he is super grumpy and it pisses my mom off. This year my parents will be here for Christmas bc I'm having a little baby... it should be interesting.

His family does the same thing for Christmas every year and I've never felt obligated to go up. We have twice I think and it's always stressful and like any visit to my in laws ends up in me and the husband talking divorce. lol

Holidays is one of the many reasons we wanted to move away from family. We wanted to establish our own traditions. Especially since the husband's birthday is on the 26th. And for me to get holidays off while working as a nurse is like pulling teeth! Glad I won't be dealing with that this year!

Traveling with the doggies. Oh it's hard. They hate it. We used to leave them with really good friends, but don't know what to do with them if we were to go anywhere now that we live in NY.

rebecca said...

i love your honesty. :)

thanks for the benadryl tip.

sam pants himself to death too. love the spray bottle tip!

Katie said...

Honestly? We are DRIVING home to AR this year for Christmas because of the pup. 20 hours.

I'm glad to hear that other dogs pant themselves into a frenzy, but I don't know if I can handle it anymore! We tried to drug Desmond a little last year and it made no difference whatsoever.

He kind of hates the car too, but I think he hates it slightly less since he can be in my lap the whole time. Poor pups.

rebecca said...

oh dear... the things we do for our pups. 20 hours? yikes.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Gah–as if holiday travel isn't stressful enough before you add a second family to the mix! John and I have historically stayed put for turkey and traveled for Xmas, but we also see the East Coast and TX every year. It's wonderful, but I always need a vacation afterwards!

sumslay said...

I love these comments! My current story pretty mellow, but I'd like to share these gems from holidays past:

1) I dated who I refer to as the Yankee Jew for several years. He was from Connecticut (we live in Texas), but the bright side is... they were Jewish, so we only had to do Thanksgiving and/or the occasional Rosh Hashanah! It was probably the best thing about our relationship.

2) My mother is very anti-pet, and I got my dog a week before Thanksgiving one year. She had called me stupid and every other name in the book....buuuut if she wanted to see me, I had to bring the pooch. Turns out, the dog doesn't like car rides, so I drugged her. She was out of her mind stoned when we arrived, and it turned out i had given her 3x the dosage. Whoops. Anyway, now Mom and Daphne Devereaux the amazedog are best friends. Awww.

Ali said...

I have not learned your rule :( I'll be traveling for both holidays with my dog under the seat both times. Womp...expensive.

Susan said...

billy has done well with a crumb of valium...not everyone has access to this of course, but it helps! safe travels + happy thanksgiving!

Misty Alessi said...

We live near both sets of parents, but how I wish to take our own family vacation somewhere away from everyone for thanksgiving or christmas! It would be nice to spend a holiday just us three. We almost did it this year, then got suckered into a 3 hr drive to visit family...if we were in new york, you better bet we would have the same rule! :)

Rebeka said...

We are driving distance from both of our parents, but the drive is long, so we've started doing the same. Usually we go home for thanksgiving and go on vacation or have Christmas with just us. It's so much easier that way.

Brodie Tauchert said...

By preparing enough budget, you can definitely overcome the challenges that travelling awaits you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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