macy's thanksgiving day parade.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

elliott erwitt macy's thanksgiving day parade

a few years ago ed and i had a new york thanksgiving that included parade watching just outside our apartment and cocktail attire dinner reservations at union square. the meal was perfection, but somehow not as good knowing that no one had fought over the ingredients in the stuffing. we had yet to make friends in the city and we ate our dinner feeling grateful to have each other, but dissatisfied at the same time. thanksgiving is meant to be shared with a large group of people... whether you like them or not.

elliott erwitt macy's thanksgiving day parade

we started our own tradition of seeing the balloons blown up at the museum of natural history on wednesday night, which sounds about as exciting as you'd think, followed by a simple pre-festivities meal of new york pizza. a turkey wouldn't even fit in my half-pint oven, but having your own tradition, that's something.

photos by elliott erwitt circa 1988.


Susan said...

happy thanksgiving!

Rebeka said...

Lovely! I hope you and Ed and Sam Wiggins are having a happy Thanksgiving.

Joy said...

love this! so beautiful.

berta said...

I wrote an article about you in my blog. You have been an inspiration for me, for your good vibe and style. Hope you like it

Regards to Ed and Sam. Very fan.



Katie Monson said...

"whether you like them or not." Amen to that. Thank goodness for all the family drama around the holidays. In our fam, that's what makes the holidays the holidays. ;)

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