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Friday, November 9, 2012

mini labradoodle

clank clank clank of the radiator
while others are still without heat
for whatever reason, thanksgiving has never been my favorite
though i'm reminded, even more so, how important it is to dwell on thankfulness
if only but once a year
and since i can't be too serious
can we talk about the heavy moaners in yoga class?
it's vinyasa, not a porno film
get to shake shack for a black and white cookie rally shake
they'll donate $2 to the red cross until nov 11 for every shake sold
milkshakes in november for a good cause!
AND... jenna is selling her beautiful ny calendars for sandy relief
another cup of coffee...


gogomunky said...

Man, I thought I was the only person that questioned why some people moan so much in Vinyasa class. Then I question myself b/c I think I'm being negative and judgmental, but come on, you're right, it's not a porno. Some people are just way dramatic. Oh, and I also realized that I can't help it, I'm judgmental, but that's ok, people can judge me.

Do you ever go to Levain to get their cookies? Whenever I'm in the city, I have to stop. I bring back boat loads of cookies to freeze. But my one pleasure that I have to eat immediately is the Valrhona Chocolate Rolls. Heaven.

Alex said...

what kind of dog is your pup?? love the short curly hair. so presh.

Alex said...

not sure why i just asked. i always love pics of your dog :) and yea the moaning. unnecessary. I totally am all for the loud breathing but moaning? no one told you to moan.

also I love thanksgiving ever since I studied abroad one fall and realized what a wonderful american holiday it is. its only ours, and its the least commercialized. The brits I stayed with tried so hard to recreate the evening and it was a really kind gesture but a total fail. haha. it really truly is a holiday about family and what's important.

Rebeka said...

SW is the CUTEST ever!

Maybe you don't like Thanksgiving because it's largely based around Turkey which I'm assuming you don't eat?

rebecca said...

never had the chocolate rolls. thanks for the tip. we are fortunate/unfortunate(?) to live within walking distance to levain. danger!

i like your take on thanksgiving. oh, and sam wiggins is a mini labradoodle. :)

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Creeper confession–I was actually thinking about Mr Wiggins this morning on my way into work. Happy weekend!

Elizabeth Soule said...

Your yoga comment had me laughing so hard! I'm in week 2 of trying the yoga thing (attempt #15) and I agree with the heavy breathing/moaning. What I can't figure out is how everyone else seems to be able to stay on their mats in strong, still poses and I appear to be on a slip and slide in the middle of a tornado for the whole class.

Susan said...

mr. wiggins looks mighty comfy...great idea for shake shack, maybe we'll head to the one in philly this weekend!

Laura said...

Your dog is awesome! :)

jenna @ sweetfineday said...

Thank you Becca for posting about the calendars. And I don't think I ever properly thanked you for snapping some pics of us that day on the highline. Thanks for that too!

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