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Thursday, December 13, 2012

hair products for texture and volume

my newfound long(er) hair does not make me an expert, but my hair product curiosity must be met. i haven't had ponytail length strands since early college, so let's all learn from each other shall we? if anything, i've learned that product is key.

squeaky clean barbie doll hair is not my bag.

1. bumble and bumble texture creme- the instructions for this stuff are a bit unclear. it's super sticky and probably best for curly/wavy hair. however, i use a tiny drop on damp hair before blow drying. leaves hair textured, messy, and gritty. would be perfect to use before wearing a bun or braid when your hair needs some grip.
2. wooden paddle brush- the wide surface area is great for detangling and blow drying.
3. aveda phomollient- work the lightweight foam into roots and rest of hair before blow drying for added volume. doesn't weigh hair down. 
4. oscar blandi invisible volumizing dry shampoo- i found a dry shampoo that doesn't turn my head white! gives volume and takes away the greasies without smelling horrendous.
5. morrocan oil intense hydrating mask- underneath all that dirty gritty hair should actually be some healthy strands. distribute evenly to towel dried hair (roots to ends) and leave in for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. i've started using it every other week and already feel a difference in the condition of my dry winter hair. thanks rubi!
6. mason pearson brush- it's hard to wrap my head around spending over $100 on a brush, but luckily mine was gifted to me. it makes my hair smooth and shiny and i have no idea why. if i lost mine tomorrow, you best believe i'd buy another to replace it. maybe an indulgent christmas gift idea for your sister?

the less you lather up, the less product you need. in other words, product on top of five day dirty hair makes for a yucky mess. unless it's dry shampoo of course. brushing with the mason pearson helps smooth and distribute oils from scalp to ends, resulting in the need for less product all together.

ps: a dry shampoo tip and winter skin


Kehly said...

I've been meaning to chime in and tell you how great your hair has been looking! Congrats on getting it to grow so long with out giving in and chopping it off :) Love the blog!

Monica L. Shulman said...

it definitely is all about product. as someone who always wore her hair long and only recently (in the last year) started wearing it short I have to agree. Your hair doesn't need a ton (think about when you go to the stylist and they rub just a little bit of whatever they're using into your hair) but a little goes a long way...especially if it's great product. I love kerastase shampoos and always think they are worth the price tag but I alternate washes with pantene shampoo and conditioner that smells amazing and is great for my hair.

I'm also recently a morrocan oil convert. I use the curly control creme and it is fabulous for my hair. I mix it in my palm with a bit of gel by either kerastase or tre semme and then I style my curls with my fingers and let them air dry. In the winter I blow dry with a diffuser. It sounds like it's really high maintenance but since I only wash twice a week in winter it's not so bad and with hair as wild and curly as mine I need the extra stuff:)

Katie Rose said...

Great post! I use both the aveda volumizer and the moroccon oil mask. I don't think I could live without either of them.

susan said...

I also love (and use) the aveda phomollient!

Rebeka said...

I've been struggling to find product for my long hair this winter. It just feels so flat and dry. I think ultimately what I need is a haircut. I love product in short(er) hair, it makes such a huge difference.

AND a $100 brush?! REALLY? does it really make that much of a difference? I'm totally intrigued.

the southern hostess said...

Thank you for this, seriously. My hair is always in need of assistance.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Best dry shampoo EVER. I would buy an even bigger can if they made it!

Joana said...

I've been using a Mason Pearson brush ever since I was a little girl and studied in boarding school in London! It's been my hair main stay since I can remember.

I honestly don't do much to my hair because it's long and thick and has a mind of it's own. (If I air dry it...well it becomes a mess of waves & curls.) Usually I just wash and condition my hair every other day. When I blow dry it I do so with my head upside down and eventually brush it with my mason pearson brush by the end so it looks straight and shiny. I am the queen of no maintenance when it comes to hair mostly because I can't be bothered.

Thankfully somehow I have been blessed with good hair (thanks to my dad.) That said when I want to jazz myself up a bit I use a teeny tiny amount of Fresh's Sake hair cream or ALFAPARF Illuminating Shine Serum. Mostly though I use both for their fragrance appeal as I find my hair just smells lovely when I use a smidge of both. That said I do like the serum A LOT because it's really light on and doesn't leave my hair looking dirty and greasy like most hair oils do. Plus I really think it does give me a helluva lot of shine. Also a little goes a long way.

I wouldn't have assumed to detangle my hair with a paddle brush. I've actually used the same Mason Pearson comb since I was 7 or 8 years old. I can't believe that I'm in my mid 30's and that it still looks brand new. As does the brush. I suppose if you take care of a good quality item them it can last a lifteime.

I'm intrigued by the Aveda product though. I've never used a foam product. The last time I can remember doing so was before my mum used to put my hair up in a bun for ballet classes or when she did my granny's hair. I'm intrigued though. Does it leave your hair stiff like most hair foams do?

rebecca said...

wow. i guess my mason pearson will last forever! as for the aveda phomollient, it doesn't leave my hair stiff at all. though it sounds like you have thick beautiful hair that doesn't need a smidgeon of volume. :)

Erica said...

i really need to try that morrocan oil mask. curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair (so says the book curly girl), and in the winter, my hair is brittle.

also, i've heard about the mason pearson brush, but i just don't know. i don't even brush my hair that often, only comb it in the shower. maybe i'll splurge one day.

andra said...

b&b texture cream! i love it! and the mason pearson brush is a MUST HAVE items for anyone who wants to take good care of their hair. i know it's pricey but it's something that will last forever.

Anonymous said...

I also use and have loved my Mason Pearson for twenty years and also use the Aveda mousse daily - it is great for my fine hair.

Btw..After reading "No More Dirty Looks" and getting really educated about the junk manufacturers put in products like the Moroccan hair oil (which I used to love) I've been trying to use natural products. A friend turned me onto using argan oil to "wash" my face and the great products available on these two sites: "Shea Terra Organics" and a Canadian website called "Best Skin Ever" (check out their Seabuckhorn oil for face, even Momfilter blog posted about how great it is) Anyway, I recently started using Shea Terra's Herbal Butter before I shampoo and it is fantastic! Totally replaced my love of the Morrocan oil mask and I love that everything they make is all natural. (You only need a little - I went to far the first time I used it and it my hair was weighed down.) It is kind of fun finding great products that are off the grid, but awesome and healthy. Once you plug in some of your favorite beauty products in to Environmental Working Group's database and see the many times potential carcinogens and endocrine disruptors are present your bathroom cabinet becomes a less friendly place to say the least. Okay, off the soap box.

rebecca said...

thank you for the info. :)

Johanna said...

I, too loved the Blandi dry shamp however I went thru three bottles and all three had busted nozzles. I guess we weren't meant to be.

On a random note, Victoria's Secret doesn't make your hair white, either!

Anonymous said...

I have had a short bob for at least the past 15 years and have recently let it grow out. It's now to just past my shoulders. Finding products that work well for me has been an interesting experience and I find my hair behaves better if I mix my products now and then. I'm going to try all the products you mentioned here. My current faves are DermOrganics shampoo and mask, 12 Benefits Instant hair Repair and Orofluido. I definatley need a good hair brush so I was glad to see the recommendations here.

Ruby Coleman said...

I really need to try that Moroccan oil mask. curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair (so says the book curly girl), and in the winter, my hair is brittle. also, I've heard about the Mason Pearson brush, but I just don't know. I don't even brush my hair that often, only comb it in the shower. maybe I'll splurge one day.
Ruby Coleman

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