grey day in soho.

Monday, December 17, 2012

soho nyc

yesterday's weather seemed to echo the overall mood of the country right now. with two shootings in the past week, i'm left in a state of confusion, anger, and sorrow for those who have lost loved ones. it seems ridiculous to even say so because we are all feeling the same way and my words mean absolutely nothing in the face of such horror. that being said, i truly am wordless today and leave you with a few photos from gallivanting around downtown.

soho nyc
soho nyc
soho nyc
soho nyc
soho nyc
soho nyc
soho nyc

um, christmas is next week. whaaaat?!


susan said...

So hard to post about anything else right now, isn't it? So sad.

Briana said...

Horrific. I still feel queasy thinking about it.

And that 'Eat Your Veggies' photo just made my day... thanks for that.

Meaghan said...
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Joy said...

love the photos of soho. miss the place terribly. yes it does feel terrible still, and thus i feel weird blogging about "fashion." seems so stupid in comparison.

in dreams said...

i kind-of missed out on what happened (the shootings) so researching that's on my to-do list...but it sounds like a pretty terrible thing already. :(

as for these photos up here, stop graffiti-ing the tops of buildings...we'll eat our veggies already! ;)

age136 said...

Where did you get those boots???

rebecca said...

cordani. thanks!

Victoria said...

Exactly...You guys made the best of it! Once again. :)

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Next week–jeez!

bonjour, i'm rebecca! said...

,,,i'm sad to say i'm not feeling like celebrating this year. 2012 has been a horrific year for me and my family and now the tragedy in newtown CT, i'm ready for this year to be over,,,

shoegirl said...

Your coat/sweater is just beautiful! And I love the 'eat your veggies' too. Gotta love positive graffiti!

Shoko said...

i have a photo of my brother and me sitting on that exact same bench :)

Anonymous said...

Would also love to know where you got those boots!

rebecca said...

cordani. you can find them here. thanks!

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