Monday, December 3, 2012


ed and i spent time in kentucky over thanksgiving to visit my parents and then his. i'll spare you the week later shots of a chopped up turkey, or maybe i won't, but mostly i took photos of the farm i grew up on.

the daily muse

we spent the day riding four wheelers, running on hay bales, sidestepping cow pies, and chasing chickens around the barn. the air smelled of dried leaves and tobacco barns (with a hint of cow manure) and the days were long and slow.

sausage and eggs

i have yet to eat at a southern style restaurant in new york city that has decent biscuits. i'm not even sure what the secret is but maybe the answer is more butter. also, when in doubt, add bacon fat to mostly everything. 

the daily muse


Katie said...

Rebecca, I love that you grew up on a farm! It looks perfect! Being on the farm feeds the soul, or is it just all that butter and bacon?

Lovely post, thanks for sharing!

Becca said...

Wow, did not know that you grew up on a farm... a real Tennessee farm, too! How beautiful!

Kim said...

Beautiful, vibrant photos! Thank you for sharing this with us. Sounds like an amazing way to spend Thanksgiving.

The Bebebirds said...

Oh wow it's really beautiful there. It can be crazy down here, but there's nothing like the South when you want a good homecooked meal :)


Chelsey said...

Beautiful! You grew up in a gorgeous place.

Rebeka said...

This one really resonated with me. I grew up on a farm in Washington and we have black and white kitties too. Also, the secret to my mom's biscuits is Crisco. Mmmm heart-attack.

alexandra snyder said...

This post brought such a smile to my face. I grew up in Kentucky and am now living in Philadelphia. I love reading your blog and seeing all of your musings about life in NYC. .... and it's lovely to see a post of "home" too.

Monica L. Shulman said...

It's so amazing to think of you growing up on a farm. I always think of you as so NY and you really are SO NY. I love knowing this side of you and seeing the way you see your hometown.

Victoria said...

I never knew you were a southern transplant! Does that mean I didn't read your bio? Anyway...Love long, slow days in the south. Mostly, it's the people, the quiet, the biscuits, and the tea. :)

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

This looks like heaven.

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Must comment on the bacon fat thing. SO true. I tried to cook like my mom for years and couldn't come close even though I followed her recipes. Finally she clued me in - she added bacon fat to everything. haha Your comment took me back. Thanks.

Susan said...

I didn't know you grew up in Kentucky, husband spent a lot of time in the south growing up and makes MEAN biscuits!

domestikate said...

Sounds and looks beautiful!

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