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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


it's always weird coming back to the place you grew up because it's never the same as you remember it. the once familiar is now so unfamiliar, and wasn't my bedroom much bigger than this? a dresser full of sorority hoodies and cheerleading t-shirts that i once considered influential, has turned into fond memories of women i never talk to. most of them also married and with children. 

yellow lab

kentucky is the opposite of new york city in the sincerest sort of way. i've realized the importance of balancing city life with a dose of country air and being in one makes me appreciate the other. of course in the end, nyc is home. i think that's how you know you've ended up in the right place. home is where you're happiest.

the daily muse
mini labradoodle
yellow lab


yours truly, melissa said...

Well said...home IS where you're happiest.

And your dog... I cannot handle how cute he is. Give him to me! ;)

Jackie Rice said...

after a very educating weekend at home experience a few days ago, i resonate greatly with your reflections. sometimes you have to go back to remember why your home is so happy!

Kristin said...

what a beautiful place, you're so lucky!

Katie said...

love that picture of Sam Wiggins.

Rebeka said...

All the leaves changing colors are beautiful! Love!

Also sorority + cheerleader? Me too. Never talk to those girls? Me either (well minus 2 or 3 sorority sisters). Crazy how things change...

sumslay said...

I seriously cannot picture you as a cheerleader or sorority girl. We need photos! :) I understand - I feel the same when I go back to my rural hometown. I'm glad I grew up there, but I'm glad I got outta there.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Your sentiment about home is absolutely beautiful.

Shoko said...

so lovely! and sam wiggins's tail kills me.

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