bread alone in woodstock, ny.

Monday, January 7, 2013

bread alone woodstock, ny

whilst skiing in the catskills, we drove to woodstock (as in THE woodstock) for our daily breakfast at bread alone. lots of hippity dippity locals enjoying their organic what-have-ya's with a side of granola and almond milk. i'm not gonna lie, me and woodstock went together like pb&j's. except for the coldness. those dang catskills are cold.

bread alone woodstock, ny

bread alone was also one of the few places we had cell service (gasp). it was refreshing to be unreachable, just not all the time. calls had to be made to prove we didn't freeze to death.

bread alone woodstock, ny
bread alone woodstock, ny
fruition chocolate
bread alone woodstock, ny
bread alone woodstock, ny
bread alone woodstock, ny

flannel is stylish in woodstock, ya know. also, all wheel drive.


CheCiara said...

Please tell me you ate some of that amazing looking bread?!

Julie-White Tapestry said...

Randy and I rented a small home for the weekend back in May from airbnb in Woodstock and ate at bread alone for breakfast, really cute but really stuck in the 60's! We actually took it to a whole other level with seeing a Pink Floyd cover band too, they were surprisingly good. So funny!

Susan said...

Oh this is not good to stare at having just commenced my no sugar/carb diet. UGH. ;)

Victoria said...

Aside from the COLD, it looks like a great place!

Rebeka said...

Oh my word, this all looks so yummy. What a cute little breakfast place. Plus, I bet it was nice to check e-mail while eating breakfast, knowing you would be disconnected for the rest of the day.

Jesse said...

my granola obsession is in full swing this time of year.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Pure magic.

Trista said...

I NEED to visit! I have a serious weakness for bread (and all things carbs).

The light in all these photos is simply stunning. The photos look bright, but not washed out. Very pretty.

Mat said...

this place looks excellent, my kinda bread

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