entryway idea.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

entryway idea

lord knows i'm a minimalist and in an ideal world everything would be hidden in its proper place. i'm not one for a show-all display. but dang if it wouldn't be easier to throw my belongings on a hook instead of hanging my winter coat in the closet four times a day as i come and go. same for shoes... constantly to-ing and fro-ing from the bedroom (because it's sooooooo far) to fetch my boots.

currently, there isn't space for a proper entryway but that doesn't mean my mind hasn't wandered. oh the ugly things i could hang for all to see!


Lily said...

I have been trying to figure out a cute solution for my entryway for so long! Recently discovered these:

They look great even without things on them and you can get as many or as little as you want depending on your space.

Anonymous said...

Love those Restore baskets from DWR

rebecca said...

love those! would be great in the bathroom.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

How I miss our little entryway–we had the most adorable little coat rack and bench, and my goodness was it easy to grab a coat!

susan said...

love the eames hooks...classic!

Monica L. Shulman said...

you would die in my house. I'm not messy and can't stand clutter but between the stroller, the giant coats, the lack of closet space, the husband who refuses to put things away, a toddler...I spend at least 45 minutes every night after putting my baby to bed picking up and putting away the miscellaneous things that have collected and piled up around all less than 1000 sq ft all day. I'm pretty sure my family thinks there are elves who live in the walls that do all the work.

mauishopgirl said...

I have two hang it alls at the end of a very long narrow walk in closet that divides my 800 sq ft space into two. I love them and yup right now they are holding lots of stuff (grey peanuts pigpen sweatshirt, a ruffly scarf, a huge cheveron printed tote bag, trucker hats and LeSportSac Tokidoki fanny packs - please don't judge).

The pic on the left is more than one piece (I'd guess two or even three). You may be able to squeeze in one someplace even if you can't carve out a full entryway (perhaps one over a small writing desk?).

cuentoscantabria said...

Gotta say that the coat rack is the bomb. We just put one up near our front door (in our 1bdrm apt.) and looove it! It really is making coming and going less of a hassle.

marissa (stylebook) said...

i've been coveting an eames hang-it-all for YEARS. so happy to have found your blog! maybe it's time to bite the bullet. :)

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