i bring you... snow.

Monday, January 21, 2013

catskill mountains

oh sure, it's flurried a few times this winter but nothing to really sink your bean boots into. i consider an official snow to be 12+ inches. just enough to linger on the streets for a week and turn into slop soup within a day. it's also enough that a certain shortish canine has to bunny hop in central park just to get around. therefore, since we haven't had an official snow in the city just yet, i bring you 15 inches of snow from two hours north of the city. you're welcome. or not. 

catskill mountains
catskill mountains
woodstock, ny

these next few months leading up to march flat out suck, no? i know i'm not supposed to complain and i know we're tired of hearing it. but there is no holiday to look forward to, warm weather doesn't come until (let's be honest) may, and we're left wishing away these doleful grey months. let's all take a moment to commiserate together..... 

catskill mountains
woodstock, ny
catskill mountains

when i finally got around to uploading these photos, winter slapped me in the face and told me i was the one that sucked! can you imagine? seriously though, it's hard to find beauty in much of anything this time of year, and covering it in snow certainly helps, but i'm trying to enjoy the present instead of wishing it away. maybe winter is for working on yourself from the inside. then come spring, you're all ... "look at me in my flowery dress, and oh hey, i'm not an a-hole anymore!"

catskill mountains

ten degree wind chill turns me into an a-hole and i think that's perfectly acceptable.

catskill mountains
emerson resort and spa
woodstock, ny

speaking of a-holes and depression, we're doing our taxes this weekend.


Jo Waterhouse said...

Winter glum! I get it too, each January is an exercise in not beating myself up about it. Good luck.

susan said...

ugh, taxes...but I love these months and hope they linger...but bring on the snow! I'm with you and don't consider anything under a foot to be a real snow.

sheri said...

Couldn't have said it better - we are eyeing a move to a better climate. I am done.

Jo said...

So we did our taxes last weekend and got snow this week and I actually wrote a very similar post. Good luck with the taxes! ;)

in dreams said...

i just LOVE winter! the snow in particular, though i don't really mind the wind until it's really bitter...it's so great to be able to walk through a snowstorm, with no one else around, just crunching + breathing...i always miss that relative silence once spring + summer roll around. (plus there's always the bonus that snow both freezes + covers all the dog poop that the *lovely* dog owners around here just leave lying around. thanks snow!)

anyway, all that to say: i love these shots! seeing them is making my heart sing + wish for a larger snowfall here in toronto. (though i did get some good snow-time in over xmas - we went skiing in chelsea, quebec, and it was gorgeous.)

Michelle Kendrick Hartney said...

"look at me in my flowery dress, and oh hey, i'm not an a-hole anymore!"
...you crack me up!
On winter, yes, it's rough, especially Jan/Feb, but it will make spring feel that much better I suppose.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Sooo cold, but beautiful!!!

Chat et Pupuce said...

love. this. post. your are great.

Elizabeth Soule said...

This post made me laugh out loud. I hear you. I just spent a weekend in a cabin with a fireplace being the only source of heat. I know I could handle it, but given the preference I'd prefer not to. The cold does make for pretty winter light and the snow makes most places look a little nicer.

aleandtere said...

I'm so jealous! these pictures are amazing and we're sweating bullets here in Florida. have fun!!

Monica L. Shulman said...

I wish it would snow already. At least it would make this freezing weather worth it. Cannot. Take. It. Anymore.

Ariel said...

Beautiful! "I want to go to there". Moved from Utah last year and I am seriously missing the snow.

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