playing the tourist card.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

the dutch new year's eve

ed's parents visited us over the new year and we happily put on our tourist hat... minus the sneakers and bootcut jeans. truth is, we are lucky to have family stop by often enough that you run out of touristy plans and just spend time browsing your favorite stores and eating good food. which is mostly what went down. 

parking in nyc

i have yet to truly understand how the car on top makes it out of there alive.

brunch at peels
brunch at peels

brunch at peels, because we're still hooked on it.

area linens nyc

i've recently fallen in love with the modern prints and grey linens at area near union square.

abc kitchen dessert

new year's eve dessert at abc kitchen.

absolute bagels

afternoon showing of once (it's a sappy one) and bagel sandwiches from absolute.

redfarm west village

dinner at redfarm in the west village, cause we're still hooked on it too. good news! redfarm is officially coming to the upper west side!

sarabeth's upper west side

that's a whole lot of food and new yorkiness to get through.

(instagram @beccabaust)


susan said...

Maybe you could play tour guide to us sometime if/when we bring the kids into the city. So many places we have yet to discover! ;)

sheri said...

been dying to go to redfarm - is the wait insane?

sheri said...

been dying to go to redfarm - is the wait ridiculous?

rebecca said...

we always get there at 6pm (just 2 of us) and it's a 15-30 minute wait. after that you're probably waiting forever.

Julie-White Tapestry said...

Your hair is getting so long, love it!

jen said...

two things - bootcut jeans are out? ;) and your long hair is so lovely!

Trista said...

I absolutely love linen, and have been looking for some new sheets. I'm definitely checking out Area.

I've also been trying to go to Redfarm. I could probably get there around 6 p.m.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I could never have enough food or New Yorkiness.

his little lady said...

These pictures are so fabulous! So happy I stumbled across your blog today! Can't wait to read more :)
xo TJ

Lauren Knight said...

Love your stripes! As usual, food looks amazing.

TheBeautyFile said...

Omg, I love your hair in the last photo. You look like a model off duty. There's nothing more delicious than ABC!

Shoko said...

i love playing a tourist in nyc - never gets old :) and i am DYING to go to abc kitchen. i've heard only amazing things!

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