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Friday, January 18, 2013

catskill mountains

thinking about a lot of crap actually
none of which i really care to put pen to paper
took a cue from ashley and made a point to spruce up our bedding situation
that duvet insert has seen the inside of my college apartment
now we're sleeping on a pillow of clouds
valentine's day is foolish
valentine's candy is NOT
this little gem made me want another dog (for about 2 seconds)
i get excited over senseless things like medicine cabinet organizers
another cup of coffee...


steph said...

OMG, that video was the cutest thing EVER!!!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

The fresh white duvet I put on the bed is probably the smartest thing I've done since...buying new pillows. Also pretty gross to think about.

Rebeka said...

new bedding is the best, isn't it?

and that headboard in the link! I recently saw it and fell in love. it's beautiful.

also, conversation hearts... my weakness. yum.

Catherine Masi said...

Your authenticity (can I say that without sounding cheesy?) is awesome. And your blog has become a staple in my life. Thanks for that.

curiouscovetous said...

I was JUST looking at those pillows! I need new ones and have no idea where to start, and thought, hey, can't go wrong with Dwell! Are you happy with them?

rebecca said...

curious covetous-
they've held up well to being smushed by the pup on a daily basis. :)

Barbie // Little Skyline said...

It's been my mission to find truly good pillows. Did you go with the down or down alternative?

rebecca said...

down alternative. pillow opinions obviously vary based on how you sleep, etc. but i'm a fan!

Barbie // Little Skyline said...

Thanks, Rebecca!

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