before dinner.

Monday, February 25, 2013

soho nyc

ed and i met some friends downtown for dinner and ended up in soho hours before planned. the waste-time-before-dinner habit is much better via bike and warmer weather, but it cures the stir crazies. window shopping in stores filled with sandals and shorts is outright cruel because i can't wrap my head around it quite yet. you know when you put on shorts for the first time after the long winter and realize you mostly forgot what your legs look like? and why are shorts getting shorter? you can see things you shouldn't in a one inch inseam. ok, i did more than window shop. it happens.

bicycle habitat nyc

always necessary to stop at bicycle habitat and peruse the bikes and accessories.

soho nyc
madison square park
the daily muse
soho nyc

come on, march!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Shorts are getting shorter is ridiculous! I recently discovered your blog and I really enjoy your posts! I enjoy the posts of your restaurant or coffee shop/bakery "reviews" and the posts about watching the neighbors..ha!

erin said...

love your big smile and even bigger scarf. willing on spring with you!

Monica L. Shulman said...

that smile! Can't wait to see you this Thursday. And also, can we do a double date with babies in tow? And by babies I mean Lucia and Sam.Doug is a little tired of hearing about the faceless Becca and her intrepid sidekicks aka Ed and Sam. Come on March and April is right! x

Little Rus said...

Such a great post and those photos are just full of positive vibes! x

Jesse said...

this past summer was the first time i've ever been comfortable in shorts and i cut off a pair of old cargo pants (ha!) from 1999. they ended up shorter than i anticipated but ended up being way more versatile than my beloved maxi dress collection. well, almost.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What lovely photos! :)

susan said...

great shot of you!

GUYSguise said...

Great photos and great smile!

p.s. I think the majority of photos of Ed are him on his cell phone...haha!

rebecca said...

thank you! and yes, when i pull out the camera and walk around ed usually catches up on phone calls. :)

TheBeautyFile said...

Love it. You look adorable in that photo and you know I love me an Ed profile shot. Where'd ya eat? Where'd ya eat???

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