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Monday, February 11, 2013

sledding in central park

ed's been out of town for a bit so me and the furry man held down the fort in his absence. despite the cold, i'm happiest when i can move around outside and the 12" of snow accumulated in central park over the weekend made it much more pleasant.

central park tennis courts
musher's dog wax

i opted for the poodle cut at the groomer's (the snow slop situation is getting out of hand) and came back to find that my dog has fingers. DISTURBING. and oh hey.... musher's wax is excellent for long snow walks. also, don't make fun of the fingers because i've done it enough already for the both of us. seƱor ladyfinger's self-confidence cannot be broken.

bloomingdale's nyc

took myself to bloomingdale's if only for the frozen yogurt at 40 carrots...

the daily muse

and met up with my dear friend sabrina for minestrone and leek tarts at salumeria rosi.

central park lake
the daily muse

sam's excitement for the snow brings me pure joy and i watched as parent's face's expressed the same joy for their first time sledders. of course i woke up and did it again on sunday, muffins and coffee awaiting my return.

ps: snow in central park last year.

(instagram @beccabaust)


Monica L. Shulman said...

um...Sam really does have fingers! And long nailsI can't deal with that face!!!

sumslay said...

This made me lol this morning. Thanks! Senor ladyfingers....oh dear.

Also the snow pics (including the one of you all happy) are gorgeous!

Finance Girl said...

your dog is adorable. is she a mix of something or full poodle?

rebecca said...

finance girl-
he's a mini labradoodle.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Those fingers are crazy, and this weekend looks like heaven!

Andorinha said...

I wonder if I do my three dogs fingers they will show like those (I have 3 bichon malteses) :) That fur coat is wonderfully treated, Sam is a lucky boy. Thank you for the tip on the wax, I'll follow it for sure in the Netherlands there is more ice then snow, so its a match made in heaven. I find it funny when they are in the snow for hours, like little kids, shivering all the time but thrilling to be there. Greetings from Amsterdam

Nuz said...

Hi miss Becca. I have a questio regarding Paw wax. Is Sam leaving any paw prints around the house or couch?

Thank you for your aswer!

rebecca said...

good question! i rub his paws down in the hallway of our building on our way out the door. the wax is clear but a bit greasy and would likely stain the furniture.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Sam in snow is just too cute!

susan said...

sam...fingers!?! billy is not as big a fan of snow-wish he was! the kids will be out in it next winter for sure.

Jen said...

Whoa, dog fingers! My dog is the same with snow, he loves it but absolutely hates rain.

Kate said...

i lol'd at Sam Wiggen's fingers to the point that my bf wondered what was going on. Dogs in the snow is just about the greatest entertainment ever.

cuissesdemouche said...

just discovered your blog...I looovvvveee it(spent a year in Delaware as an au-pair and I spent lots of week-end in NYC...looking forward to Easter holidays because my husband will discover this city which I adore for the first time....and your pictures are just great!!!!love from France

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