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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

favorite pizza recipes

homemade cheeze pizza makes the menu eveeeery week and honestly it's getting old. i searched the internet and of course deb's recipe for breakfast pizza and bacon, onion, and cream pizza looked the best (and easiest). maybe because they have bacon? just because i don't eat bacon doesn't mean i can't appreciate the smell of bacon.

also, i cheat and buy uncooked dough from whole foods.

ps: panini making.

photos from smitten kitchen.


Christina C said...

We have been making the Jim Lahey no knead pizza dough, give it a try. I think you've mentioned how much you like Co., I believe it's the same dough. Super easy and awesome. So far, my favorite topping is shaved brussels sprouts, parm, olive oil and a little pancetta.

rebecca said...

can't go wrong if you compare it to co.! thanks for the tip.

Jesse said...

i religiously use smitten's pizza dough recipe. it has just the right amount of chew,takes about two hours total and only requires minimal kneading.

Erica said...

i do the same and use trader joe's pizza dough. making your own is too much for this lazy bones. i'm a fan of hummus pizza, if you want to switch things up. it's just hummus, feta cheese, onion and tomato. maybe red pepper and spinach if i'm feeling crazy.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

This sounds HEAVENLY. I'm also into white pizza with bacon, corn, thyme and chili–I have a feeling you would be, too.

Kelly Brito said...

OMG! Goodbye diet!
I've eating pizza with boiled egg sliced over it, but never this way. This looks just too good.

I'll definitely be doing this one. Thanks for sharing -my kid is gonna love it too!

Shoko said...

yes pleeeease. wow. breakfast pizza? best idea ever.

realsimplefood said...

I second Chrstina on the no-knead pizza dough - so easy, great pizza.

Love the idea of a breakfast pizza - my favourite toppings at the moment are:
- grilled fennel and Tuscan fennel sausage
- spicy Calabrian nduja (which Eataly should stock as well)
- yellow tomatoes, goat gouda and fresh basil
- garlicky wilted spinach and mozarella
- thinly sliced potatoes with rosemary

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