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Monday, March 25, 2013

spring in central park

my bones are slowly unthawing and our walks in the park are getting longer and less grumpy (that's on me). i remember when we first moved to the city in the dead of winter and people would tell us... "wait till spring! new yorkers are on drugs!" and it's true. new yorkers are pure evil in the winter (ok, a slight generalization) and come spring they're downright jovial. people holding doors for one another and saying please and thank you. imagine! manners!?? perhaps this also applies to the human race in general but only more noticeable in nyc considering human interaction is a bit more in your face.

central park playground

that being said, more snow today?

the daily muse

we've been stuck on fish tacos and hush puppies every saturday night at mermaid inn.  

broadway upper west side
the daily muse
nyc apartment

speaking of fish tacos, ed and i are headed to LA this week. where can we find some stellar fish tacos?! and how many times can i say fish tacos!?

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susan said... might have to wait a bit longer for nice people. but you are going to LA, so maybe not. ;)

Team MS T.H.A.N.G.S said...

I haven't been but I just heard Chronic Tacos is a great place in LA to get some tacos.

Victoria said...

Glad spring is coming to nyc and making people happy to be alive again! :) Good luck with fish tacos on your trip. I have never had one and can't imagine anything other than beef in my tacos!

Jesse said...

definitely hit up malo in silver lake -- order the pork rib soft taco with an organic margarita and thank me later.

Sara Sexton said...

Please do post your findings- I am heading to LA for the first time next month and god help me if I don't find a good fish taco.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

My aunt raves about eating fish tacos in Santa Monica with her toes in the sand. Don't know any specific names, but maybe that's enough to go on??

GUYSguise said...

As a native Angeleno - if you want legit fish tacos, you gotta go to Wahoo's (more of a lunch place). Or if you're looking for great seafood - Malibu Seafood on the Pacific Coast Highway is an amazing gem right on the ocean (lunch place as well). I second the suggestion of Malo - love their tacos, can't remember if they have fish tacos or not, but this is a great restaurant for dinner.
My best suggestion for any traveler's coming here: rent a car! LA is far to expansive and traffic congested to use the public transportation. It's also not very tourist friendly - seen way too many lost visitors in my eight years I've been riding the bus.
Hope you and Ed have a great trip!

rebecca said...

thanks for the helpful tips! a ford escape is awaiting our arrival in santa monica. :)

Rebeka said...

Ohhh fish tacos sound so good. Especially authentic fish tacos from LA. Yum.

I hope it is sunny and warm(er) and wonderful in CA for you guys.

And P.S. I love that picture of you up there. So cute!

Anonymous said...

It's far from Santa Monica, but if you come over to Silverlake and Los Feliz, try:
EL SIETE MARES on Sunset - the shrimp tacos here are amazing, each small tortilla has a pile of small battered shrimp, so crunchy and delicious. There's a roadside taco stand or a restaurant. I've only eaten at the taco stand. They have amazing ceviche as well.
BEST FISH TACO IN ENSENADA on Hillhurst - the fish tacos here are flaky and delicious. The shrimp here are larger and also very alluring. They only have the shrimp tacos and the fish tacos, that's it!
As mentioned above, MALO is close to both of these and has all kinds of crazy good tacos. And margaritas :)

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Sounds like a damn good way to spend Saturday night–but horray for a little LA to warm you up!

Becky said...

I hope our weather in LA warms up for you. They are predicting rain this weekend... boo. For fish tacos, I've heard good things about Tacos Punta Cabras in Santa Monica. Wahoo does have good fish tacos, but is a part of a chain of restaurants in California. I get the idea that you might want to try more of a mom and pop place. If you are on the East Side of LA in South Pasadena or downtown near MOCA, I would recommend Senor Fish. Their Ensenada style fish taco is my favorite. I also love their potato taco. They have some awesome fish burritos. Malo is good, but it can be a bit of a scene depending on the time you get there. Enjoy!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

OMG your dog is the cutest dog I've ever seen!

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