signs of spring.

Friday, March 1, 2013

blue skies

i don't like to get too serious on fridays, and though this list may be a bit redundant, it's contents make me hopeful nonetheless. for the realists like myself, we've also been known to have a blizzard in the middle of march, so maybe hold off on the swimsuit shopping, eh?

mr. softee spotted
baseball fields in central park are getting a spruce up
haven't worn my level 3 coat all week!
windows are cracked open (mostly to regulate the steamy radiator, but just go with it)
sandals on the brain
6pm! still daylight!
extra chirpy birds at the crack of dawn
easter jellybeans at the pharmacy

enjoy your weekend.


Living on Love said...

YAY! Springtime!

Mary said...

Love. For some reason - I think because of the mildness of the last couple winters (yes this year was mild even with Nemo), I find myself a little sad at the end of winter. I want more snow! I want more sledding and skiing and hot chocolate! I also tend to hate spring - wet, cold, muddy New England spring. And yet - the signs are here and it is coming and I should focus on the positive and happy things. Your list is a good start. :-)

susan said...

I will admit I am getting a little excited for spring...have a great weekend!

Joy said...

omg if only if only. can't wait till warmer weather comes! im so done!

Kelly Brito said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! You highlighted some great signs that Spring is almost here.
Can't wait for warm days - with family bike strolls on Central Park!

Alessandra said...

The other day I stumbled into the kitchen for my morning coffee and thought, what's wrong with this picture? It was the sun!

Jesse said...

nothing like that mr. softee bell.
off to purchase starburst jelly beans.

Ana Maria Mendez said...

Here where i live, we are freezing there days! #notFreezing

Anonymous said...

Those extra chirpy birds visit me every morning @ 4 a.m. as of last week! Not fun! Happy Weekend to you!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Here's hoping it stays warm and just keeps getting springier!

Shoko said...

hooray for spring! can't come soon enough!

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