point dume in malibu.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

point dume in malibu

i may never get to the bottom of these california photos, though i'm sort of re-living our brief get away all over again. point dume was filled with rocky beach views, charming houses on stilts, AND tar balls. besides jack johnson's hit song, i had no clue what tar balls were and my feet were covered in a black gloppy mess once we got back to the car. is this a common thing on california beaches? do kids just play in the sand no matter? i read the trick was to cover the tar balls in aquaphor (or vaseline) and rub with soap and water, which did manage to at least keep my feet from sticking to my shoes. 

point dume in malibu
point dume in malibu
paddle boarders in malibu
point dume in malibu

according to the rock climbers, the only thing on the other side of the rock was seagull poop and trash. BUT it used to be a nude beach. 

point dume in malibu

no doubt the climbers had an amazing view.


Briana said...

I love Point Dume and Zuma beach. And now I am jonesing for a trip to my ol' stomping grounds after all these photos!

Beautiful, as always.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Such gorgeous images–oh, California.

Rebeka said...

I have never heard of tar balls, weird. I'm glad the WA and OR coasts don't have them, they don't sound awesome.

Also, your pictures! They're sooo pretty.

Katie said...

I'm from California and I've never heard of tar balls. Maybe it's just this beach?

Looks beautiful, great post!

rebecca said...

rebeka and katie-
tar ball mystery!

inpursuitofsomethingnew said...

I love these photos! Two questions. Do you usually edit your photos? If so, with what program? Also, where did you get that striped sweater? I love your outfit there!

rebecca said...

in pursuit of something new-
thanks so much! i use photoshop for editing. as for the striped shirt, it's a jcrew oldie.

susan said...

tar balls?! who knew, eww!

jenn from much to my delight said...

Really beautiful photos; make me itch for a getaway. Also, you and your husband are great dressers.

Benlovesting said...

I always enjoy reading your blog <3

BON+JOUR said...

Oh California... Your photos bring back the best memories about a road trip last summer :)

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