santa monica farmers' market.

Friday, April 5, 2013

santa monica farmers' market

besides going down to union square, our neighborhood market currently consists of apples, onions, potatoes, and a whole lot of baked goods to make up for the fact that it's still winter in the fruits and veggies department. obviously this isn't a problem on the west coast. california's fresh strawberries tasted like the entire month of july (i ate a whole box) and oh my gosh the citrus. the citrus! lemon this and blood orange that and a citrus muffin topped with orange marmalade for the plane ride home. please and thank you. 

santa monica farmers' market
santa monica farmers' market
santa monica farmers' market
santa monica farmers' market

there are only so many strawberries and tangerines one can consume in a four day time span and i have little self control at a farmers' market.

santa monica farmers' market
santa monica farmers' market

i'm still working on my bag of tangerines that were carefully stuffed inside ed's sneakers for the flight home. i also realize that whole foods in nyc likely sells those same tangerines shipped from california.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures and produce are beautiful! Thank goodness for wholefoods..for those of us that don't live in California!

Emily said...

These pictures are making my mouth water for Spring/Summer! I can't wait until the color comes back to the farmer's markets :)

Rebeka said...

Whole Foods is magical. Super expensive, but magical.

Victoria said...

Whole foods may...But I bet theirs weren't shipped in shoes! ;)

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh fruit! You've reminded me how desperately hungry I am for lunch–off to find something as gorgeous and fresh as all this fruit, I hope!

Kayla Poole said...

I would relocate out there purely for the year-round access to produce and flowers. Ugh, your photos make me crave a trip!

Katie said...

God bless California! I'm happy you got to experience all the fruit bliss. It's treat for even those who grew up there. I live in Brazil now and recently bought some California strawberries for a birthday party, and even after traveling all that way they still tasted like a little bit of home. :) And everyone here kept saying, "Wow, those are HUGE!" haha!

Erin said...

I love visiting farmer's markets on vacation. It's so fun to see what is selling in a different area... but it also makes me sad that I can't buy everything! California really does have it made when it comes to local, beautiful produce!

Johanna said...

I've been to this market - it's a great little one! It's truly difficult not to purchase every type of fruit available!

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