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Thursday, May 30, 2013

the daily muse

as it usually goes, some of our furniture doesn't have a place in the new home and it pains me to kick our goods to the curb. this would be one of those "i'll trade you a coffee table for two end tables" sort of deals if we had family in a 20 mile radius. but alas, our well-loved furniture needs a home.

the daily muse
the daily muse
the daily muse
the daily muse
the daily muse
the daily muse

items up for grabs, photos included: cb2 white dresser, west elm charcoal fabric headboard, cb2 lobster red credenza, west elm floor lamp, cb2 entryway shelf, cb2 arc lamp, cb2 white wedge shelves, west elm queen size bed frame.

no, i'm not GIVING away furniture but my goal in this venture is to find our items a new home. please contact me ( if you want to adopt anything and are able to come pick it up.

**red credenza still available. everything else has been given a home!


J and H from Beyond The Stoop said...

love the arc floor lamp, I have a VERRRRY similar one from target! so I won't be interested in buying from you, just wanted to comment on your familiar sense of style ;)


Katie said...

can you tell me the dimensions for the dresser? not technically in your good but I think there's a bridge that connects us. :-)

Katie said...

good = hood

rebecca said...

just got out the tape measure!

W= 30.5"
H= 51"
D= 20"

email me if the measurements work. :)

Adam said...

Rebecca, what price were you thinking for the bed frame?

Nicole said...

your apartment is very clean :)
(and very grown up looking)
i like it.

Mara Kofoed said...

Love it all! So great. Wish I had space, too. :)
(p.s. love the sheets!! source?)

rebecca said...

thanks, dear. ikea! years ago.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Love that lobster red credenza!!!

Leah said...

I'm going to miss this apartment for you guys!

Suzanne Fletcher said...

Think those are FLOR tiles in your bedroom: Would you tell me which ones and what color? Fedora? Thanks!

rebecca said...

yep! fedora oatmeal.

Suzanne Fletcher said...

Thank you!

Zem Karlos said...

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