huckleberry cafe in santa monica.

Friday, May 3, 2013

huckleberry cafe in santa monica

huckleberry's farm to table creative menu and laid back vibe left us wishing for our very own location on the upper west side. i can think of several places in the city that compare, though none of them really hit the nail on the head. also, baked goods. the baked goods! confession... we ate here every morning.

huckleberry cafe in santa monica

so i'm standing in line for coffee and ed gives me this darting glance and mouths "be cool" from our table. standing in front of me was jennifer garner and her three beautiful children. what is it about star spotting that makes you want to text everybody and their mom and tell them so!? 

huckleberry cafe in santa monica
huckleberry cafe in santa monica

ed always goes for the egg dish what-have-ya and i fill up on muffins and fruit. makes for the best sharing i suppose.

huckleberry cafe in santa monica

here's hoping for a huckleberry east coast expansion! seriously.

ps: thanks for the huckleberry tip, joanna and briana.


susan said...

ha...omg I am so NOT cool when I see celebrities...I try but can never contain my weirdo excitement. parker could care less and helps me put it all in perspective!

lisaathome said...

An east coast expansion would rock! this looks so wonderful and "California"! We're starting to get more and more places with a similar mission in the Philly area and for that I'm so thankful.

Lydia DeWolf said...

I never see celebrities, but that's what I get for living in the Midwest. I haven't had breakfast--this post is making me hungry!!


Briana said...

Thanks for the nod! And I am so glad you found Huckleberry and loved it so much. I am missing those baked goods something fierce at the moment.

And I've had a few "Be cool." moments there myself, too! I saw Reese Witherspoon and Dylan McDermott there (not together) and as soon as they were out of view the "Guess who I just saw?!" texts flew from my phone!

Brittany Werth said...
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Brittany Werth said...

We see musicians occasionally around town (Nashville)...but seeing actors and actresses in person? I'm not sure I could keep my cool either.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Delicious food, fab style, and celeb sightings on top of it? I think I might have passed out.

joana said...

you should check out the owner and chef on twitter & instagram! her name is zoe nathan and while i would kill for a hucklberry on the east coast at least i'm thankful that her cookbook is coming out soon.

p.s. she also runs milo and olive and sweet rose creamery.

rebecca said...

thanks for the tip!

Shoko said...

i've always wanted to go here! didn't make it over last time i was in LA, unfortunately...but next time for sure!

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